Sunday, May 13, 2018

We're on our way again

And this is where we're going! Now the Hennie Ha is fit for business again, we are taking a week's holiday to go to our beloved Belgium and experience this amazing waterways piece of engineering. It is the great boat lift at Strépy Thieu near Charleroi, or rather La louvière to be precise. We are taking three days to get there, one day there and three to come home again (all being well!). 

I took these photos in 2010, when going up it (or down it) in a barge seemed just a dream. I can still hardly believe we are actually going to be doing it. The aqueduct along the top feeds barges from the hilltop into the lift, which then drops 72 metres to the lower level of the canal.

These are the lift shafts that you can see from the side view. I've watched boats being lifted up here many times, and it is just amazing to think I'll be doing it for real. Koos did it once soon after it opened in 2002, so for him it is the second time, but still exciting.

This view out over the valley shows just how high these hills are. Isn't it fantastic? I think this lift is one of the great wonders of the waterways. We are also going to try and do the four old lifts that this one replaced. They are only in use during the summer and are just for tourists as they are now a World Heritage site. I've done one of those before and blogged about it, but it would be fun to do all four if they are open.

Have a great week allemaal. I just hope mine will be all I am expecting it to be...


  1. Wow, now that's exciting! Hope the weather stays good for your faring. Enjoy!

  2. Happy travelling, Val - I hope the sun shines all week for you. jo

  3. Hi Val - looks brilliant - enjoy it ... a lovely break - cheers Hilary

  4. Ha' ha' sure don't we all need a bit of lift from time to time, especially when we are down low... could not help making a bit of a joke !

  5. What an incredible feat of engineering Val, and it will be exciting (if slightly terrifying!) to use it. I have never seen such a thing in Australia - maybe we don't have enough water or waterways, here.

  6. How exciting! Enjoy! We're hoping to do the Anderton Lift this year - rather older than your rather splendid-looking one!

  7. Thanks to you all. We’ve just come home and sadly, we never made it. I’ll explain in my next post, but it was a disappointment we couldn’t have foreseen.


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