Monday, May 07, 2018

A picture post of our trip to the shipyard

A quick weekend to the yard just over the Belgian border started early Friday morning when we left our harbour at 07:00. I'll fill in the details later, but we just wanted to paint the hull, especially around the water line. It had suffered so much damage from the harsh winter, so a weekend out of the water was just what was needed. The pictures tell their own story...I hope!

The Ghent-Terneuzen Canal was like a millpond

So off we went

The yard at Zelzate is mostly for commercials, but yachts
are stored there over the winter too

The Hennie H in dry dock just before we started painting

We had a wonderful show of passing traffic

And a nice view off the back deck

Looking forward while the dock dried out

And two days later, a nice gleaming black hull

Just as we wanted it

The dock being sunk again on Monday morning

The water is pumped into cavities below the bottom
to push it down

Back at our berth by 11:00

One smart little barge again

This video is for Carol Palin, so she can see how the dry dock is 'sunk' by flooding it.
And now I have to scoot back to Rotterdam to work, so have a great week, allemaal!


  1. Hi Val - looks to be amazing weather, and yes one little very smart barge -a successful paint ... you have a great week too - cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, Hilary! I'll catch up with your blog now we're back in the water again!

  2. Thank you for the video Val, very interesting. You're ready to move off much quicker than the ones we use here having to wait until the whole 'lock' fills up to the level of the water outside it. Hennie H is looking good, she's certainly a pretty boat.

  3. Wow! Beautiful outcome...but my goodness the work! Y'all are amazing. (Steph)

  4. Oh these lovely warm weekends, when we can get out and enjoy what we love best!

  5. It was a beautiful day out there on the water, sunshine and smooth. Well done, your barge looks so smart and cheerful, and back home safely again. Happy Springtime.

  6. What lovely weather for a work weekend! It helps make it feel less like a chore when the sun shines in a bluebird sky. Hennie H is looking fine and proud. Have a wonderful week! xx

  7. What a fabulous way to spend the weekend! And what a lovely result! Our turn now :-)


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