Sunday, March 19, 2017

RAPID FIRE #BookTag #AmReading #Blogger

I was tagged by Terry Tyler to answer these quick questions about my reading preferences (okay, I asked if she would tag me, because I really wanted to answer them!). 

eBooks or physical books?
Both. I still like real books because I can flip back through them more easily if I want to remind myself of something I've read earlier. I also prefer the printed page. My eyes get very sore reading from my tablet and my Kindle is too dark in the evenings.

Paperback or hardback?
Paperbacks because they are bendier :) 

Online or in-store shopping? 
Living in the Netherlands, online gives me a better choice, but I still love browsing in bookshops and usually come out with a book or two.

Trilogies or series? 
Generally, I prefer a series. Trilogies mean I have to read all three to get the whole story.

Heroes or villains? 
They can both be interesting or both not. Depends on the book!

A Book You Want Everyone to Read?
Mine...haha. No, seriously, I would love to recommend 
Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald but there are loads of others too.

Recommend an underrated book
I can't think of any underrated books offhand, but maybe one not so many have heard of is
Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene, a book I would take on a desert island if need be.

Weirdest thing you used as a book mark?
One of those stirrer sticks you get from the hardware when you buy paint. They make great bookmarks (as long as they don't have any wet paint on them, of course). 

Used books, yes or no? 
No problem. Yes. I buy plenty of books from the charity shops here in NL

Top three favourite genres? 
Crime/detective fiction, travel memoirs, WWII fiction

The last book you finished
Bellson Her Toes by Diana J Febry one of a very good series!

Characters or plot? 
Characters mainly, but can I add sense of place here too? I love that in a book.

Short or long book?
Nothing longer than about 350 pages. 
I get bored with too much detail and start looking for the end.

Books that make you laugh or cry? 
I like my memoirs to make me laugh. Hate crying.

Our world or fictional worlds? 
Our world - I'm not into fantasy at all.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover? 
No. I can enjoy seeing a good cover, but I never judge the content by it. It can be very disappointing.

Book to movie or book to TV adaptation? 
No answer to this. I rarely watch anything, so couldn't say.

Series or standalone? 

Long or short chapters? 
I'm not particular about that at all. I don't even notice.

Name the first three books you think of? 
Very randomly, then...

(Was just talking about this on Twitter - loved it!)

(I can see it from where I'm sitting)

(Remembered it today - could be an underrated one come to think of it.)

If any readers here would like to do this too, just leave your name in the comments and consider yourself tagged; then I can come and see what your answers are. I'd love to know!


  1. Loved your answers, Val, and will share this. Don't want to be tagged! We're swamped right now with getting ready to move - while still working full time. Like you, I don't watch TV, so I couldn't answer that question. It is fun. I hope other authors will pick up on it!

    1. I totally understand, Steph! Hoping the move goes well!

  2. Yes Val I'll give it a go. Liked your answers,a few of mine would be similar.

    1. Oh good, Anne!! I shall look out for them :)

  3. You're right - how different we are! Ditto re that 'sense of place' thing, though. It's not something that can be brought about by long, descriptive passages, though, is it? It's just whether you feel it or not!

    I was never that wild about the normal Kindle, but I use the Kindle app on my tablet, which means a lit screen, different colours and brightness, etc. The other day I got into bed to read this paperback I was reading for research when Him Indoors was watching something - he has to have the light off for telly because it reflects on the screen, so I couldn't read my book. Now, if it had been on my tablet... I think it's just what you get used to. I'm a firm convert!

    1. I agree, TT, I use my Kindle or tablet app on trains and buses because they're lighter and easier to carry round and probably read more books on them because I spend so much time on the move. But, I still love my real books at home! Yes, sense of place is as much about the atmosphere the author creates as description! By the way, I've really enjoyed doing this! Looking forward to seeing more of them now!

  4. Loved seeing your answers, Val :) I never had an original kindle and it took me ages to buy books online. I’d never have enough space for hard copies now so the kindle app is great although I still prefer to hold a book. The only downside is the light issue.

    1. Ah, so you and me both with real books, Cathy! The light can be a problem, I agree, but luckily my OH doesn't mind my keeping my bedside light on to read!

  5. That was interesting, Val! I can recommend a very cheap app for your tablet that'll stop the white glare from hurting your eyes... I use it on my laptop, too, and wouldn't be without it.

    1. Thank you for that, Roger! I shall look for it now!

  6. Loved your answers but please don't tag me. I prefer real books but space means I buy for the Kindle. Not your books of course, they are all real! Xxx