Friday, July 06, 2012

Humble request

Dear blog friends. I don't know how to contact everyone here personally, and in fact I didn't want to put anyone on the spot either, so I am making this request to all of you who have read Watery Ways in the past.

My publisher would very much  like some brief quotes to use on the book cover, and maybe inside too, about readers' impressions of Watery Ways. Many of you said some lovely things to me personally in my last post, and they warmed the cockles of my soul, they did, but (and here is the request) could you...would you...write a sentence or two that would be suitable for such a quotation, e.g. "Watery Ways is....." and put whatever you like. After this, I would need the name that you would want to be referred to in print, and your 'job description', e.g writer, teacher, poet..and maybe the name of your book, record or other if you have published something too.

If you write what you would like to say in a comment, I will take that as permission to use it :) but please don't feel obliged! You can just leave a comment in the normal way and that will be absolutely lovely too. After all, I don't know how many she actually wants, so there really is no pressure at all.

Hoping you are all well, and enjoying the...erm...summer.....?


  1. "Watery ways" gives me butterflies... I want to live the romantic watery ways as well!!
    Great read..finished it in one go!

  2. Thank you, Simone! Shall I call you Mrs Billinghurst from Rotterdam? :-))

  3. Of course ;D Since I am that lady ;p
    You could add to that; trained teacher, but since today currently without a job to stay home to take care of the 'on the way-baby' haha.... Yay!!! holiday!!!! Did Koos have a nice birthday?

  4. Watery Ways makes you feel nostalgic for bygone days when community was about real people looking out for one another. Fran - teacher

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  6. Watery Ways is written in a descriptive style, with accurate and humorous observations on life; which always leaves the reader thirsting for more.

  7. Thank you, Fran and Mel!! I missed these before and will send them through to the publisher. Sadly, it might be too late now, but I will try anyway. Very much appreciated xx


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