Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Chaos reigns

Dear, precious blog friends

This is just to let you all know that I am still here, still intending to keep on blogging and still intent on getting back to my writing. However, life, as you know, has a habit of throwing curved balls our way, especially when we aren't expecting them and at the moment, I am juggling a few of such.

I will be back and I will catch up with you all soon, but chaos is in command right now and talking of CRAFT moments, they have developed into CRAFT periods, if not CRAFT days and at the rate I'm going, they will be CRAFT weeks and months soon.

That aside, give me a few weeks to recover my equilibrium and I promise not to forget a single one of you.

For now, though, wish me well in sorting through the 'deur mekaar' that is life at the moment. If I tell you these are the South African words to describe something that is very confused and a mess, then I think you will understand.

Till soon! xx


  1. Dear Val have you tried Sage Tea ? I know that it can be a help & in suggesting this I am drawing on my experience of having managed a Health Shop.

    Wishing you all the very best x

  2. hang in there, val!
    when you have time, check out my london pics from april. :)

  3. Mel - sage tea sounds very noble but by the sounds of it Val might be better off with a bottle of good old Irish whiskey in some strong coffee!!!! Take care of yourself Val and we will be waiting for normal service to hopefully be resumed soon xxxx

  4. I was going to suggest a big glass of wine. Nice to see we all think liquids make us more solid.

    Val, good luck muddling through your chaos. I hope it all gets sorted soon. xx

  5. Sage tea.
    Whiskey chaser.
    In the end, all will be well.
    I'm thinking of you.


  6. Ha Ha, Anne-Marie!

  7. I know what it can be like. Take it easy and try to not do 'too' much

  8. I ll be thinking of you Val.
    Remember there is always calm after the storm. (I know its backwards of the saying). But the waters are always calm afterwards.
    Wishing the chaos to smooth itself out real soon.
    Take care of yourself.

  9. oi

    take it in turns and during craft respond to it. let it out. xo

  10. Love all these comments!! Thank you so much for the positive flood, liquid and otherwise, of ideas to help me through. I shall try them all, that's a promise, and yes, Ingela, I will go look at your photos - for sure!

  11. Val, listen to some good music. Stefan xx

  12. Just found you......I'm an ex boater in the states...and am so intrigued when someone chooses to live "a floating life".

    count me in as a follower.


  13. It was outside my window - the butterfly that flapped its wings ...

  14. you are still here (I have proof!). I love your photo here. lovely!

    hug AM from me!

  15. 'Time for a long bike in the countryside and a glass of wine with a good friend. 'Hope things improve!


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