Monday, April 09, 2012

For Jodie

Today, I have indulged myself by making this book of a children's story I wrote last year. I've had Jodie's lovely illustrations for a while, but was waiting for a few more before publishing it. However, other people's babies don't wait and Jo is very busy so I decided to make the book with what I had. I love it, and hope she does too. I'm also hoping the babies for whom the story is destined will grow up to like it as well. My image is always of Mum or Dad with little one on a lap being read to and having the pictures shown to them as they go. It's what I used to do when Jo and Mo were small as well.


  1. Hi Val, I could see it so much better on the computer than on the iPad. I find the horse's name enchanting.


  2. Thank you so much Anne Marie, dear. There are a few babies of my acquaintance who need a special gift, so I thought this would be at least something totally personal :)

    I love Jodie's illustrations - they are just perfect for this and really make the story. I think she may have done a couple more, so if she has I will include them later, but that's the beauty of self publishing. You can always change things! By the way, the typo on the back flap has been corrected, but isn't in the preview version yet.

  3. Jodei's illustrations are great. So this is a mother, daughter team book? :)

  4. Yes, I do love the fact that you can correct your mistakes when you're doing it yourself. We had 12 typos in the first copies (that would be the one you have). I like that String called them the "collector's edition". :)

  5. Everything about it is wonderful!

    The illustrations, the writing....

  6. Thanks Stu and Grace! I have now shown Jo the preview of the book and she is very happy with it, so I'm looking forward to seeing the real thing now :)

    Anne Marie, I have several 'collectors' editions' :))

  7. This is one for my new little Bonnie, as long as we can have the almost grandchild sitting on the almost grandmother's lap instead of mother and daughter! xxx


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