Tuesday, December 06, 2011

While I'm busy

The big and very exciting news this month is that my 'teens' or kidult (as I prefer to call it) book, The Skipper's Child is about to be released, published by Sunpenny Publishing. I'm told it will be available via various websites as of this weekend. It may take a bit longer to reach the bookshops, but it will eventually. The best deal is to order it through www.bookdepository.com as delivery is free worldwide. I'm really thrilled about that.

Still, what I'm not thrilled about is my lack of time to write anything, even a good blog post. So what I have done is put together some of the most popular posts I have done in the past and coupled them to my two children's stories and the one-off short short story (and yes I mean short short) I wrote a while back, and put them in a little volume with the grand total of 50 pages. I'm giving this as Christmas prezzies to my family. Lighthearted and nonsensical musings with something to read to the kids too.

I'll write something more meaningful soon...and I'll get on with breeding a few eccentrics, but for now, well, at least you'll know I'm still alive!

I hope all my blog friends are well and I send you much love until I can get back here properly.


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Val,
I am so excited for you as well, and completely understand the feeling, having bucket loads of it myself at the moment.

Thanks for the early Xmas gift. I will look forward to the year of the sheep in 2012. :)


June's World said...

Oh Val,
What very exciting news indeed! Congratulations!


Invader_Stu said...

This is so cool. Congratulations :D

Ladybird... and butterfly said...

Wow!! So proud of you :D

Fran said...

Congratulations, how exciting ! Keep well xxxx

VallyP said...

Thank you all. I'm pretty excited myself!! I just I had more time to enjoy the feeling.

Stu and Simone, I have been feeling so very guilty that I didn't get back to you. Koos has been in Poland this week, but as soon as he gets back (later today), I'll make contact and arrange that get together.

Anne Marie, as always, thank you for your support. You've been a treasure. Grace and Fran, big thanks to you too. I will be back soon, I promise! xxx

String said...

Excellent news Val!

June's World said...