Sunday, October 09, 2011

Images of our Indian Summer

Last weekend, it was summer. This weekend, it is most definitely autumn. I think I prefer the summer. No, not just think, I know I prefer it.

On Sunday evening, Koos took a beer and I took the remains of a bottle of wine with a glass and we sat on the bank of the canal as the sun went down. A hot air balloon was drifting overhead, and two muscular looking tug-boats were assisting a large coaster as it made its way towards the inland docklands of Ghent. The sun glowed warm even as it sank below the horizon. The sky was a clear, unbroken, cerulean blue. It was simply gorgeous. One of those 'for keeps' moments. Remembered years afterwards in nostalgic flashbacks.

I feel very fortunate at times.


Dale said...

Fall tends to conjure up images of scarlet, orange and yellow leaf-draped trees. But you have put an entirely new swing on things! I see that there is a diferent slant on things from your perspective. Your watery ways take precedence and that's a refreshing point of view!
However, enjoying a fall evening with a bottle of beer or glass of wine is a universal pasttime, I see.
I am glad you were able to enjoy simply being in the moment!


Anne-Marie said...

Love the spontaneous photos you're sharing with us, and that you've had a taste of indian summer. Hopefully it is not finished with you yet and will make a return appearance.


June's World said...

"it's a lovely day at Sea"! x

Fran said...

The blue of the sky is such a beautiful colour. I am sitting here with the wind howling round the boat, thinking of that glorious weather last weekend. Shame it disappeared so quickly. Ssshhhh..don't tell Pete but I have booked him a balloon ride for his big 60 birthday in a couple of weeks xxx

Hans said...

The autumn has hit us very rudely here with wind, rain and cold weather so I enjoy your pictures very much

String said...

"muscular looking tug-boats" Love that description - we have had a bit of one here too, apparently today is the last day and the sun is shining and I am going out in it!