Thursday, August 18, 2011

And now for the south

I wish I had time to write a proper post at the moment, but it's late and tomorrow I have to be out early, but in the words of Rod Stewart, or more importantly, Koos, every picture tells a story, so I'm doing just that. Here is a link to the photos I took during my recent trip to southern France this last week. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

Another precious experience was the spectacle my sister and brother-in-law took me to see in Valence d'Agen. It was called Au Fil de L'eau and was the story of the town covering the whole of the 20th century told from the perspective of one family. A spectacle it was and an absolute delight. You can see the photos I managed to take of it here.

If you don't get the slideshow straight away, look at the menu bar above the photos and click on slideshow.


  1. Val, firstly, you mention Rod's song every picture tells a story, one of my favs.
    The link to your photos was perfect. Had them all on a page right there for viewing. France photos are beautiful. ALL of them, I was going to pick out individual ones, but they are all really great, the landscape, the castle?-St. Maurin?
    Oh and the ones from Valence d'Agen were spectacular, with the!

  2. Love the photos! We were in Châteauroux in the Noire Valley in 2006 and they did the same kind of reenactment of their town's history, with lots and lots of George Sand thrown in. We had a blast.

    So glad to see you posting. I am inching towards writing again- lots of clean up to do still, but getting there slowly.


  3. Looks all very good! How are you and Koos? Time to meet up again, we think! Maybe we can plan something again? Dinner at our place some time? We're off to Leiden to house & catsit my sisters house...maybe when we're back? Then after a few weeks we're going on a holiday to England for 3 weeks. So maybe we can time it somewhere in between. I have to show Koos something... my dad's old camera's en lenses :D Love Stu&Simone

  4. As usual Koos is very right. Mooi photo.

  5. Well done VallyP you have made a remarkable pictorial presentation of your tour of S. France, a treasure chest of memories to be sure!

  6. Thanks so much everyone. I had a wonderful weekend but it was far too short really. I had thought I would be there till Tuesday at least, but due to a misunderstanding with my sister, I didn't realise we would have to leave on Monday, so I only had three days, but they were three very full days!

    Grace the landscape is gorgeous and the villages just a delight. France is such a beautiful country with so much variety within its borders. It also has this curious feeling of still being stuck in medieval times. The customs and practices that they still cling to are long gone in other parts of Europe. Fascinating.

    Anne Marie, the Spectacle was astounding. I believe quite a few cities do it, so I'm glad to hear you had something of the same experience. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing again!

    Simone, thank you.Y es, meeting up again would be great. Let us know when you are back in town and we'll make a plan!

    Stu, thanks! As a budding photographer I value your comment.

    Mel, thank you. I enjoyed the trip all the more by taking photos I could share with you all.

  7. very cool. Bellevue and St Maurin (I think I spelled these right) look breathtaking indeed. Thank you for sharing these. The slideshow worked!

    clever, thank you.


    xo gina

  8. Thank you, Gina! It's a special thing to share photos of special places!

  9. there is a romantic thought of being stuck in medieval times.
    Always been an interest of mine of time travel anyway.

  10. I love reading about your travels and your photos are a treat!
    Koos' lense is rubbing off on you, Val!


  11. Thank you Dale! That's quite a compliment :) And you too, String. I'm glad you enjoyed the ride with me.


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