Monday, June 13, 2011

The sky's the limit - as long as the clouds keep forming

Okay, I know it's not done to focus on oneself, but if I don't promote me, I can't expect anyone else to either. Well, this time I can also say I'm promoting Jodie as an illustrator too.

The preview above is a little book I've just produced as a children's tale. The story is one I wrote years ago, and in fact, published on this blog, but a friend of mine has recently had a baby, and I decided it would be so nice to give her something more personal than the normal baby gifts. I'm sure she's got everything anyway, so what better than a 'home produced' gift. That aside, I really love with the way it's turned out and the illustrations Jodie has done are just gorgeous, so I'm very chuffed with it.

Of course, I have to add that if anyone's interested in it as a gift for a son, daughter, nephew, niece, grandchild...well you name it.... then feel free to order pleasure!


  1. An excellent idea and I wish you every success with the sale of this book.
    Unfortunately my grandson is only 8 months old, otherwise I would be knocking at your door.

  2. Brilliant!.

    How cool having the link here to view. Sadly, I don't have a wee one to gift too. But would make an excellent gift.

  3. this is the neatest, most precious book! wonderful.

  4. Thank you, Mel, Grace and Gina! The illustrations are just too precious, aren't they. Jodie is a star!

  5. Such a sweet story and the illustrations are amazing. Good on Jodie! I like, I hope one day we can get one from you if Stu and I will have kids. We would love to read it to them and tell them about the people that made the book ;D

  6. I have a couple of girls at work who are waiting to see if they are pregnant (IVF), if they are this will make the most perfect gift as it is just beautiful. I will be back .......

  7. oh cool! I heart Blurb- we used them for our wedding book and we get so many compliments on it!

  8. Simone, Fran and Melissa, thanks very much for the enthiastic response!

    Simone and Fran, it would really thrill me if I knew little people were going to enjoy it. Thank you for the thought regardless of whether the babies happen or not :)

    Melissa, I've used Blurb before for photo books, and their quality is excellent. What a good idea to make your wedding book with them. I think I might do the same for my daughters' wedding photos...a few years past now, but at elast I'd have them in print!

  9. anne 'n oll7:53 pm, June 21, 2011

    Delightful and cheered me up. Looking forward to the next in the series. xx


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