Saturday, June 04, 2011

Is this it?

We are having the most magnificent weather at the moment. In fact, we've been having it since the beginning of April, and bar just a few cloudy rainy days, we've had two months of the most glorious sunshine with dry dry conditions. The farmers are just about surviving on the strength of those few wet days, and today I saw the first fields of cut and baled hay. Always a favourite sight. Now I feel that summer is really here. Today it was 30 degrees by mid afternoon, and for me this was, simply, wonderful.

But as always, the question lurks: will this be it? Are we having our summer now? And will the rest of it be one long, wet disappointment? I so hope not, as I could really get used to this very easily. There is rain forecast for this coming week, but the week after looks set to be fine again. Last year, we had an early summer and from mid July to the end of August, we could count the number of fair weather days on one hand. I guess we're all praying it's not going to be a repeat performance this year.

My work is drawing to a close now, so that's another reason to hope for good things to come. I have three courses to finish up, and one that goes on until the end of July, but at least I'll have some more time to work on the Vereeniging and the HH, and of course, my current Writing Project. At the end of the month, the kitchen in the little house is going to receive some much needed attention, and I'll have to find some new cupboards to replace the rather shabby present incumbents. There is always work to be done and there are always plans, but in the end, I hope Koos and I can get away for a few days together.

Our aim is to take a week at the beginning of August, but so far we're not sure where we are going or how. Later on, I shall be going to France to visit my sister for a few days, and before that - in fact, next week - Koos is off to Poland again on another hunt for the perfect photos. In the meantime, I shall present a few more of my more recent snaps to add colour to this rather non descript post :)
Poppies hiding in the reeds with rapeseed fields in the background.

And changing the subject abruptly, Jodie's new baby, Beowulf. What a sweetie!

I rather like this slightly strange photo Koos took of Jo, me and the dogs recently.

A typically peaceful Zeeuws Vlaanderen scene.

And more poppies. I just love them!


  1. Val,
    I shall send you some of our rain if you like?! I am so done with it, it's the month of June, and it's still raining, like it is January. :(
    Gorgeous photos. Beowulf , what a cutie! I Love the beautiful colourful scenery, the dog walking., the poppies, that first green green grass.


  2. There is something very Reservoir Dogs style of the photo of the two of you walking the dogs (and I'm not just saying that because there are dogs in the photo).

  3. Hi Val,
    Beautiful pictures as always!
    We have had three weeks of fairly crappy weather now but it is now changing to warmer and sunnier weather. It has been more or less the same low pressure traffic as one can expect in October-November with rain and high winds.
    Now we are expecting temperatures in excess of +25 C for at least one week. The weather seems to have kind of an "OFF-ON" mode nowadays.
    One good resource for making your own predictions is They use a weather modelling system called GFS and it is stunningly accurate.
    You can predict up to eight days here:
    I usually use the "2m temperatur", "Niederschlag" and "10m Wind" from the Drop-Down menus.
    When all pictures have loaded you can step forvard by pulling your cursor down the scrolling list at the left!
    Highly recommended!

  4. Lovely, our weather has been much like yours...and I am hoping too for more summer!

  5. Your photo's are great as always.
    We have cold rain showers interspersed with weak sunshine, so I sit with my back to the stove as I write wishing to feel the warmth of April again.

  6. Thank you all, and so sorry I've only just answered these now, It's been a hectic week and I've been up to my ears in work. Not quite finished yet, but I just wanted to acknowledge all your kind comments.

    Till very

  7. poppies! I want your camera except there's nothing here as lovely as the poppies.

    I should be serious. Cannot the farmers irrigate from the canals that are everywhere there? I'm wondering is all.

  8. Gina, the farmers aren't allowed to irrigate from the channels between the fields and the other canals. If they do so, the water table will go down too fast, and that might make the land's already below sea level, so you can imagine the problem! Your wondering was good. I did too, and I also asked. This was the answer I got. Sounds reasonable, but hard whent rain has been so scarce. It's better now, though. We've had some good rain in the last week.

  9. I think more rain is heading your way, up and over from France ;-).

  10. Teehee, love the pics, especially the one of us walking. I love how you and me have the same posture when we walk :)

    And yes Stu, I agree, there is something Resevoir Dogsy about it.


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