Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy times

Blogging isn't exactly easy at the moment. I'd love to post something on a more regular basis, but without boring everyone with the mundane and irrelevant musings of my daily life (fascinating as I'm sure they are...not), there isn't much to write about other than work and the equally mundane and irrelevant musings of what that involves.

What has happened today (surprise surprise) is that the weather has changed. Yes. It has. And it's quite a shock to the system. I've got so used to the sun shining every day that I now feel positively indignant about the rain and wind we've had for much of the afternoon. How dare it! We've had no rain to speak of since the beginning of April, and the days have been lengthening with ever more beautiful evenings. I just hope they come back. Okay, we need the rain. The gardens need it, the water table needs it, and, goodness knows, the farmers need it. The fields around the little house are like a dust bowl. Not funny when this is supposed to be the growing season.

Still, I'm hoping for dry days at the weekend, because I have a plan to work on the Vereeniging and do all the second coats of paint that are needed to add to the first coats that were done some weeks ago. I'm not even talking about the HH at the moment. The first coats are still an ongoing project there, not to mention the other technical issues that keep rearing their ugly heads like Medusa on a bad hair day.

Last weekend was lovely, though. The incomparable and incorrigible Invader Stu came to stay with his super Simone, and we turned the weekend into a kind of photography workshop. They have recently bought a DSLR camera like Koos's, and were really experimenting with it for the first time. It was great to see them having so much fun. It was also a weekend of lovely walks in our peaceful corner of Zeeuws Vlaanderen. Here are a couple of my own photos as empirical evidence, so to speak.


  1. Val, what beautiful, peaceful scenes in your photos. If I had it my way, I'd have sun everyday, all year long. But, unfortunately, rain is needed :(. We are fortunate that typically June through September are all dry sun days.
    I hope this weekend brings you dry and bright sun! and all weekends.
    You always write so wonderful, that I never find your posts boring :)


  2. Thank you, Grace. What a lovely thing to say xxx

  3. Hi Val,

    ship with your boat to my hometown. We havn't rain since ages, but we wait for.

    Love Stefan xx

  4. Wow, some fantastic photos there, Mrs Vee! What a sky in that last shot! It just sweeps you away into the neverwhere!

  5. beautiful photos of the nederlands! oh! I love the yellow, the sweet lamb!


    it has been raining logs here and cold. I am so fed up with cold.



  6. Gina and I have taken all the rain and (relative) cold from you all. I cannot believe how much it has rained in the last month. Apparently 55 sunlight hours are the norm, and we got 9. I am looking forward to the hot, dry summer they are predicting for us.

    I do hope you go back to your usual.


  7. Thanks to you all again. Jo, I'm glad you like the photos too

    Gina, the weather has turned again here. We are not raining logs yet, but it's chilly and grey...we are cloaked in steel.

    Anne Marie, over the last nine months or so we seem to have had our weather back to front. We had the snow you should have had, and now we've had nigh on two months of sunshine and no rain. Still, as I said to Gina, it's turning again now, so maybe you'll be in luck again soon. 5 much prefer the abnormal to the usual, though!


  8. I had to explain to Simone what 'incorrigible' meant and she seemed to agree with it.

    We had such a great time. I'm shorting through our photos now.

  9. greetings from an equally rainy finland. i don't mind the rain now as long as we have sun next saturday when we will have the house full of guests celebrating ian's graduation.
    yellow is not my favorite color, but i just love a yellow rapeseed field, which i believe is in your picuture, too.
    hope all is well!

  10. Stu, I am itching to see those masterpeices...I keep checking your flickr page, but alas....

    Ingela, the sun is back here today. It has been Hot with a capital H! I'm almost glad it's going to be cooler tomorrow. Congratulations to Ian! Wow, it's his turn now, is it? They'll both be at university soon! Love to you both xx


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