Sunday, May 08, 2011

Boaty stuff

Last weekend, we had the highlight of going out on the Vereeniging, but what I didn't mention in my last post was the several days Koos and I had spent re-painting the red and black stripes around the barge that we'd stripped completely during the 'hellingbeurt' (or week on the slipway). Our outing was a kind of celebration on completion of that work. It never stops, but you have to have some excuse to enjoy it sometimes...

Well this last week, we've been down at the little house in Zeeland. I haven't so much had a holiday as taken a few days off from face to face teaching. Much of my work at the moment is online, so for that it doesn't matter where I am or what time if day I do it. Good huh? So I cancelled a few individual sessions and spent these glorious spring days on the Hennie H. Yes, it's still there and is still a project in progress, but now we are back in the water, the other paintwork still has to be done. We've worked hard this week, and Koos has done a fantastic job of making new hatches for the engine room, while I have been wielding my paintbrush. Unfortunately for Koos, my work is the more visible, but his has been harder and more technically demanding. Sadly, if I showed you photos of what he's done, you might not really notice the difference, but the hatches are now infinitely more professional and water proof than they were before. I think he's done a brilliant job. As soon as they are totally finished, I'll post photos and a description. For now, I'll leave you with a couple of pics of our outing, and a few of the newly painted decks on the Hennie Hahahahaha........ha!.

Our guests, Roger, Eveline and Mo with me about to head over to the steering deck. Photo taken by Marion Corfield.

Sindy doing what Sindy always does on boat trips - seeking protection. Photo by Marion Corfield

Heading out across the river. Wow, did that feel good!

The HH with its pristine painted decks


  1. HI Val,
    Glad to read that you're enjoying your Zeeland house and that you are water-bound once again. I loved the show of the Erasmus bridge and sweet Sindy running for cover. I except Whiskey would find a kindred spirit in her as he is also aqua-phobic.

    Spring is finally here- temps in the high teens and glorious blue skies. Spent the day out in the garden, loving all the attention to all things green and brown, including 3 dogs. :)

    Love to Koos and everyone there!


  2. Thanks Anne Marie. The spring has been almost too glorious. The farmers are getting desperate for rain as we've had nothing to speak of in weeks and this is supposed to be the growing season. Still I'm glad to hear the warmer weather has finally reached you. Interesting to know that Whiskey is also aqua-phobic! It sounds as if he and Sindy have more in common than just being lovely! Love to all your quadropeds and bi-peds too of course :)

  3. Are you using, what do you call it, video conferencing for the teaching then? The internet has its advantages definitely!

    Your spring days sound like a dream! It was nearly summer here today, too.

    My very belated condolences for your friend Jan's passing. x

  4. Hello Val,

    aww, look at Sin, poking her head out of her cover! Sweet photo there.
    Your outings are just magnificent. I love seeing and reading about them.
    In reading your post about your work, it's much like living on a Ranch, always something to do. Always something to repair etc.
    You live on a barge,I live on a Ranch, so much is similar. Your views and surroundings are beautiful. And the freedom, and the openness, but yet the cozy comfort when settled, it's a rich life. And, being on water. Gosh I love water, so peaceful, so calming. :)


  5. Oh my... now you make me wanna take off to the see this very moment!

    But there is so much stuff to be done before I can even think of launching my dinghy. And there is lots of ice floating around in the Gulf of Bothnia still.

    We had a wonderful spring weather this weekend and we would like to have some rain here too.
    I think you will get some rain today still but we will have to wait until the end of the week.

    Take care!

  6. Good to find you blogging again.Doesn't the HH look good! Laptop crashed and am now busily getting back my 'favourites' that I lost. Free wifi here in Tournai so have sent an email. xx

  7. Sindy looks like she is having fun even if she is hiding :p

  8. HH is looking great, how long will the decks stay looking that clean and pristine! Invader Stu is right, Sindy has a big smile on her face, so is obviously enjoying herself. Have a good weekend and enjoy your down time x

  9. Lovely sunny day! I must admit, I love Sindy especially. What a sweetie. Boat dogs, even shy about the water, are great.

    rainy here. xo

  10. Thanks Stu, Fran and Gina! In fact, Sindy never enjoys herself on the boat. The smile is really just because she pants so much. She often looks as if she's smiling when she's very nervous and scared....poor puppy :(


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