Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring and a new start

It's been a long time since I've done a blog post. I'm out of the habit and out of the loop, but the desire to write something or anything is upon me again, so I'm starting small and hope it will grow like the flowers that are blooming all around us now.

What a spectacular time of year it is. I adore the spring. It's all about renewal, and that's how I feel now. Soooo, to get me going, here's a few pics that I took yesterday while on one of our mad dashes off to France. We went to a tiny place called Mons en Pévèle for lunch...just because...well, just because we love it there and it was a return visit we'd been promising ourselves. The photos will, I hope, show you why:

Canal side homes to be envied: Pont à Vendin

fronds of cherry blossom soften the severity of an old
railway bridge

From the other side, the goemetry of the bridge takes the focus

The church steeple towers above the village on the
hill at Mons en Pévèle

Mons en Pévèle basks in the warm spring sun

What a location for what a villa...what you get if you're

I can't see much wrong with this side, but you never can tell!

Transport can take many forms in rural France

It's about colour, that's all...

Mons en Pévèle in close-up


  1. Weird! I can't seem to get the text right. Never mind! Better luck next time!!

  2. Oh I see why Val, from your photos.
    How wonderful to jet off to France for a getaway :).

    Nevermind about the text, it's like riding a'll all be back like you never left. Nice to see you posting. Off to a great start!!


  3. great to have you back, val! and thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
    tomorrow it's a year since we flew to london, and now i've booked another trip there - in july. looking forward to that!
    take care.

  4. Hi Val,

    great to read some new from you. I love your pics. The weather is the same here in Germany. I should write a new post, too.

    Love Stefan

  5. Good to have you back Val. How lucky you are to be able to 'pop' over to France for lunch. We can do it in a day, a long day at that and no tasting the wine as we have a long drive! Lovely pictures xxx

  6. It is so good to see that you have returned back to blogging Val, for I missed you.
    France looks as attractive as always thank you for the pics. One great thing I believe about living where you do, is that it is so easy to nip into neighbouring countries for a few hours. Without having to book a ferry or a flight; as we who live on europe's islands have to do :)

  7. Welcome back :) Love the photos

  8. Thanks for the warm welcome back dear friends!

    You are right, we are lucky that we are so close to other countries here. The only downside we feel is that it takes so much time and money to get across the channel in the other direction! Still, it does sound exotic to be going to France for lunch, doesn't it?

    I shall do the rounds soon and get my bloggin hand back in...I must say I've missed you all.

  9. gosh, what lovely photos. I want an even newer calendar! :-) These pics, the cherry fronds! BUT, hearing from you here.

    let's both write.

  10. Hi VallyP so nice to be able to type and the words come out as I think they should, coming out the other side of the tunnel after going a bit mad and loosing course, kissed a perfeectly good rolex watch between two large hammers, and it wasnt insured, cut all the hair off and finally it is growing again. Have decided to become totally outrageous and do exactly what the heart desires, you only get one chance so grab it with both hands and say Hi, better leave the rolex smashing to the experts

  11. Thanks so much for calling in, Hans, Jo, Grace, Gina and Keith. It warms the deep bits of my heart to see you all here. Keith, I'm especially glad to see you back. The healing will take time, but e are with you.

  12. Hi Val,
    As you returned, our main computer went KAPOW!!!!! and so I missed your re-entry into bloggieland. My brother once went to France for dinner. From here. I thought it was the height of decadence, and yes, it does sound rather marvellous.

    Wonderful photos. I am also delighted for the spring, although it is slow in coming.


  13. Hi Anne Marie! Yes, I sneaked back in when no one was looking. I don't have all that much time at the moment, but it's really good to be blogging again. Lots of love to you, Austin and Whiskey! xx

  14. ValleeePeee!
    I've missed you so!

    The pics are fabulous, but shame on you for waving lunching in France beneath my decadence-deprived nose! However, you are back and therefore forgiven.

    I am having computer issues - well, more like non-computer issues - as I have not had the time or money to invest in a new one since mine went belly-up last fall. Now that you are back and spring has sprung (at least in Holland...), I will seriously look into it. Eugene has been keeping me in the loop on all the good deals Dell has to offer.

    It is so good to see you and your wonderful watery ways again!



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