Friday, December 24, 2010

A white Christmas week at least

Koos couldn't resist all that pristine snow

Well it's been the coldest December I can remember...ever...which I suppose isn't saying that much bearing in mind that from 1981 - 2001 I lived in a country where I only saw snow once and then had to drive 400kms to find it.

Still, since I've been here, and that's ten years now, this really is the coldest it's been and the evidence is in the photo above. Never have I seen icicles on my barge like these. Never have I seen icicles hanging from the roofs or the sides of cars in this way. It really has been exceptional.

That being said, tomorrow is Christmas day and I don't think it will officially be a white one. We haven't had snow for a couple of days now, and it even thawed quite a bit yesterday, so a good deal of the thicker snow has gone, leaving what is now rather grubby pack ice everywhere - neither pretty nor very comfortable. Still, I'll leave you with this image here of a trailer I saw the other day parked all by itself and almost totally pristine with its covering of snow. I don't mind it when it looks like this.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a chance to rest and relax, and that you will be heading into 2011 full of optimism for the next decade of the 21st century....makes it sound rather grand doesn't it? I'd better have a drink to that!


  1. Well done by Koos for not resisting the snow! He didn't go for snow angels, though? ;-)

    -32 C yesterday but thankfully fallen to about -10 C now!

    Merry Christmas and lots and lots of good for 2011 to you, Koos and Sindy!

  2. VallyP is a (snow) angel ;-)
    Thanks for your good wishes Maria and lots of the same to you.

  3. She indeed is.

    By the way, a most impressive profile picture there, Koos. Über cool :-)

  4. And a very merry Christmas to both of you! We are definitely having a white Christmas this year, and I am "making ice cubes" on the well frozen Illinois River. Sincere wishes that it doesn`t stay too cold for you.

  5. Dear Val,
    Have a wonderful Christmas and give my love to Koos and Sindy,


  6. Oooooooooh, I can never resist virgin snow, you just have to get your boots and started walking, running, jumping etc!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Koos and families xxx

  7. Hi,

    I hope you and Koos had a great Christmas Eve.
    We got a lot of snow last night. It was starting after we leaving the church. We celebrated the evening together with my parents at the home of my sister with family and we all had a fantastic time together.


  8. a very merry christmas to you guys, too. and here's hoping that 2011 will be so much happier than 2010 for all of us!

  9. Merry Christmas!!
    No, it's not a white Christmas technically speaking, though much of the snow is still there. I've heard that in the south, they still have about 40 cm of snow in some places!
    Here in the east, it's sunny! So all that white snow, shines like there's no tomorrow! :D
    Have a great day!!

  10. I don't blame Koos. I would be powerless to resist as well.

    Meery Christmas

  11. ...the snowangel "vallp" in the snow! :)
    Merry Christmas Val, Koos and Sin.


  12. ps: just saw Koos' snow angel comment...

  13. Happy Christmas to you too Vally and thanks for all the comments


  14. Many thanks to all of you, and I hope you've had a very Christmas or holiday break and that you are looking forward to 2011 as much as I am!

    In reverse order then:

    Neil, thanks for stopping by. I know I don't write so much about boating and my blog has become more of a travelblog these days, but as an addict of the Herbie blog, I can say that I'm more than a bit envious of the whole narrowboating world of which you are a part. I shall continue to follow you everywhere in 2011 :)

    Gracem that's so kind. You are the angel around blogland!

    Stu, you know the appeal, don't you...resistence is futile :)

    Aledys, many thanks...the snow has turned to ice now...brrrr. Still, I hope you have a great 2011!

    Ingela, yes, I hope so too. I shall be blogging a bit more regularly in the coming months, so hopefully, I'll 'see' more of you.

    Stefan, thanks to you too. I am so glad to see you in blogland again. I've missed you!

    Fran, you're just a child at heart aren't you? I'm not a fan of winter in any hsape or form, but the first day the sun shines on the snow, even I think it's pretty!

    Anne Marie, I hope yours was great too! Hugs to you, Austin, Whiskey, Giz and Rob!

    Tom, thanks so much for the Christmas message on my email. I've been so busy lately I am guilty of ignoring too many wonderful friends. All my very best to you, Lorraine and the furry ones.

    Maria, you are a snow angel as well, and Koos says *thank you* with a small bow while he doffs his Christmas hat to you :)

  15. Beautiful, Val!
    I love the writing in the snow! I remember, years ago when I was a kid, my Dad writing my name in footprints in the snow on the frozen pond at my Grandma's house. I felt so honoured thet he went to all that work for little ol' me!
    We had guests that couldn't make it here for their holidays because of the snow in Europe...
    I hope you have a very Happy New Year, Val!

  16. Hi Val, I missed this for Christmas, but yes, it has been very cold here as well, too much snow...Happy New Year, howz that?

  17. oh, I bet you enjoyed a white christmas and likely you will enjoy a snowy new year (sorry!). I do hope you're keeping plenty warm.

    I'm looking forward to receiving Koos' calendar. yes!

  18. Val, Happy New Year, I hope by now the festivities have calmed down for Sin to calm down.
    :) on your comment. too sweet.
    It must be morning of the New Year for guys by now. Still 3 hours away here, so quirky the earth turning of the new year happening. My eyes will be closed for the switch here, so am already in the new year by your time!!
    Here's to a grand 2011. I love the term "grand", my new word for 2011.


  19. I didn't realize that yesterday Dec 31 was the last day of the first decade of the new millenium until KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong told me that that is what he reminded his customers of yesterday
    Thanks for visiting my blog..did I tell you that my Dutch son-in-law was born on a houseboat?~lots of water to be enjoyed there~
    Have a happy new year! Kim

  20. Thanks Grace! I wish you a grand 2011 too!

    Kim, nice to see you. Sadly, as you may have already seen, I am stopping my blog for a while, but I will drop in from time to time to say hello on yours! Take care in this first year of the new decade! :)

  21. Thanks Gina for getting my calendar!
    Much honored.


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