Sunday, November 07, 2010


A gathering of the Warsaw Sniffy Bum club

On my way back from Poland, I spent a few hours in Warsaw. The city was empty. It was All Saints, so everyone was at the cemeteries except dog walkers, happy to have the freedom of the parks to enjoy their 'sniffy bum' clubs. Warsaw was otherwise mine to discover. Even so, I missed the people and being a bit bored, all I could do was take photos. These are some of my favourites.


  1. Beautiful, Val! Photography may not be your big thing but you've got the eye all the same. My favourite is the one with the yellow bench. I visited Warsaw once in the 90's, and I see you went to see the gigantic Stalinistic cultural palace that I saw.

  2. Thanks Maria. If I've learnt anything about photography, it has been thanks to Koos, who I have been lucky enough to observe or a few years now.

    Yes, that palace is absolutely huge. I don't think I've seen anything quite so designed to over awe and impress anywhere! Now I think of it, I took a photo in Katowice especially for you. I'll put it on FB tomorrow.

  3. I love the wave building the best. You are right that the city seemed deserted. It just didn't look right, empty like that.

    You do have a nice eye- keep at it.


  4. There is a Hard Rock in Warsaw?! hmm that's interesting.
    What was the flower made of? was it cloth?
    Wonderful photos.
    Happy dogs free to play :) with out the hussle and bussle of the city.


  5. very nice photography, val. looks like something awful happened that scared all the people away...
    hope all is well.

  6. Great pictures! Did you bring the propeller back home with you...? :)

  7. Strange place, love the junk sculpture! It did seem deserted and the wave building is stunning!

  8. Sniffy Bum Club! LOL
    That might be why he's wearing a muzzle?

    I will see if my work laptop will let me see your pics. I hope so!


  9. Anne Marie, it was slightly weird seeing such a big city so empty on a weekday. By the way, I think you'll agree I have a good mentor for photography! xx

    Ingela, thank you. The city was empty because of the catholic holiday in Poland, so nothing dreadful had

    Grace, the flower was made of fabric, I think. It was part of the window display, and I liked it!

    Many thanks Hans and String. No, I didn't bring the prop was a little large for hand baggage ;)

    Dale, I saw lots of dog owners. As I mentioned, it seemed like a special holiday just for them! Hope you get to see the pics, although some of them are on FB too.

  10. Val,

    Yep the Soviet/communist architecture really specialized in overawing everyone with size. All example I've seen are quite senselessly big. And in the 90's already the cultural palace had been taken over by western "degradation": I recall when I visited the place, it had shops of very high-end design, Chanel and such.

    Thank you for the picture that you took for me, it's perfect!

  11. Wow Val! Those are great pics! Koos has indeed been an inspiration and his talent is definitely rubbing off.
    I like the contrast between the old and new architecture and even the cobblestone vs asphalt roadways. The glass dome-ish building would be a feast-for-the-lens for any photographer, I'm sure!
    I've not given Warsaw much thought, to be honest, other than the the sad and violent history that I learned of in History class. It seems the city has weathered the storms and seems quite more vibrant than I would have imagined. Fall is an amazing season no matter where one is in the Northern Hemisphere, is seems.

    Thanks for sharing the views of Poland through your own lens, Val.


  12. ..."it seems". lol
    Could I over-use that phrase any more than I just did?
    I won't edit now, though - I should have before hitting "enter".


  13. A dog owner weekend, what a fabulous thought! I would have come and kept you company in Warsaw, give me a call next time!!!!


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