Thursday, November 18, 2010

The first Big Blogger Wedding

Last week, the newly married Mr and Mrs Billingshurst, alias Invader Stu and the Girlfriend set off on their honeymoon to Eurodisney to realise their dream of being together in the place that brought them together.

Stu, the brilliant author of the fantastic Invading Holland blog wooed Simone, the author of another truly creative blog, Ladybird and Butterfly, after seeing a photo of her on Facebook when she and a friend were larking about at the Parisian theme park. Being a redhead himself and seeing the lovely Simone also had a head of coppery locks, he decided they simply had to meet. The rest, as they say of all good romances, is history, and they are (of course) about to live happily ever after.

Having met them by chance in the Oude Haven a year or so ago, and become friends in real life as well as on blog, Koos and I were not only invited to the wedding, but Koos was asked to be photographer for the day. I was happy to perform the job of back up photographer, and took a few sneak snaps of my own with my old and beloved Leica. These are the ones I've posted here.

One of the things I enjoy about blogging is the communication with people all over the world, but even better is meeting those cyber friends in person. This year alone, I've been incredibly blessed to have met Maria, Hans and Ingela, and enjoyed a wonderful second visit from our dear blog friend, Anne Marie and her Austin, but this is the very first blogger wedding I've been to, and a very charming and special marriage feast it was too. Simone was radiantly lovely and ceaselessly smiling, Stu was gracious, humorous and handsome in his dark suit, and the whole day was beautifully coreographed by their two absolutely precious ladies-in-command, Marjolein and Marije.

The marvellous Marjolein and Marije

This weekend, we're off down to Zeeland again, and maybe, just maybe, we'll have a chance to see our other blog friends, Anne and Ol who have returned from a wonderful eight months in France on their narrowboat, Wandering Snail. Their account and photos on their blog make me long to go travelling again, and yes, I know I've just been to Italy and Poland, but an extended trip to France is still up there high on my wish list. Who knows, maybe next year....


  1. This is the chrystalline writing I have come to appreciate so much. Thank you, Val.

  2. Heartfelt congratulations to Stu and Simone- this is lovely.

    This is why the Internet, despite all the complaints and problems, can still be a wonderful place. I met Austin through a net group way back in 1996; we weren't the first wedding in our little group, but one couple among a good dozen who are still together, and a lot of them with children now.

    I love the pictures!

  3. I agree with AM and and that last pic is brilliant! So when you coming to Dorset Val?

  4. Congratulations to the happy couple!!

    I agree, this is one of the things that makes the internet so wonderful. I might add that without it, I probably would never have met Val or some other people who have now been dear friends for years. Nor would I have had something like The Boy Who Heard Music which still remains one of the best experiences I've ever had.

  5. Congratulations and happiness to them. The pictures really capture the happiness and fun of the day. I too love communicating with all sorts of people and would love to meet some of you. Who knows, Rotterdam is not that far away!

  6. Koosje, thank you too. Appreciation is food for any creative person's you know :)

    Anne Marie, there are so many people I know too who met via the net and who are now married, so I agree it's a wonderful medium for introducing people to each other in the first instance.

    String, I'd love to come over to Dorset...oh yes I would! It's still a very special part of the world to me.

    Maria, meeting you and spending time with you beats all of this, but this gave us the opportunity didn't it?

    Fran, I would love to meet you and Pete! I don't come over to the UK very often, but next time I do, I'll try and cruise by a certain barge in Essex!

  7. Thank you for your lovely words and beautiful pictures! I'm a bit speechless. It was great to have you and Koos at our wedding. Stu and I keep on saying to eachother that the moment we bumped into you and Koos in the harbour a friendship was born. We treasure the times we have met you, and the great evenings we spend on the Vereeniging and the Luxor. I was going to tell you and Koos that we get so much great responses about the pictures. Everybody tells us that the are amazing and beautiful. We sooo agree! We are really happy with them, they perfectly tell the story about an amazing day! We have to meet up some time for a proper thank you! And we still have to see how to get the nice table thing to you :D Have a great weekend, say hi to Koos for us! love, Mrs Billinghurst

  8. Val you can be sure of a really warm welcome x

  9. Dear Val.
    I am envious - but happily envious!

    What a wonderful account of a relationship budding and evolving through words - and across worlds.

    I agree with Anne-Marie, in that having a modern-day "penpal" can be as similarly as good an experience as the old-fashioned quill and ink friendship - that might blossom into something more.

    The negative and the nay-sayers are the only voice we seem to hear - mainly because they are the most vocal. Usually, thanks to the sensation-seeking media...

    Congratulations Stu and Simone! May many happy years lie ahead for you together.

  10. Anne, Oll and Terrible Terrier6:42 pm, November 21, 2010

    Sooo lovely to see you all3 again. Wot a surprise! Thought this post appropriate???......xx

  11. I don't know what I can say that my wife (:D) has not already said.

    It was so great bumping into you that day and feeling so welcomed by you :)

    And the photos are just amazing. We can not thank you enough. They are really brilliant.

    And thank you for your amazing kind words as well.

    I just have to keep on saying thank you :)

  12. musinStu and Simone, you have no idea what a pleasure it has been for us. I am so very glad we, especially Koos, have been able to contribute to the happiness of your day, and I hope we will remain friends for many years to come.

    Dale, Fran and Anne, many thanks for your kind comments. Dale, you are right about the pen pal idea. Plus ca change and all that!

  13. very cool. A blogger wedding! Many congrats, and a happy life together.
    Wonderful photos Val!

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