Monday, October 25, 2010

Hmmmmmm...what do you think happened here?

Ahem...yes, you've got the first part right. This is our van. Last night in fact. Now let's see who can get creative here. How do you suppose it got into this sticky position? I shall look forward to a plethora of brilliant ideas....oh and yes, NO brownie points for the following excuses:

1. It was me driving...
2. The brakes didn't work.
3. It was me driving and I forgot to brake.
4. Sindy distracted us by jumping out the back door.
5. It was me driving and Sindy distracted me by....etc.
6. The back door opened suddenly and upended the van.
7. It was me who opened the door.
8. It was Koos's fault
9. It was me who blamed Koos anyway.
10. Koos just wanted a really good action photo so I obliged but forgot to stop.

Haha, now I've disposed of all the usual suspects, you really have to come up with something good!

Then I'll tell you what really happened :)


  1. On my god.

    Your van is really a transformer and it came home drunk one night.

    Ok, now for my real guess. Some not so nice young people tried to push the van into the water?

  2. My first thought was that Sindy was driving.

    Seriously, I am thinking football hooligans, or just your ordinary yob types having had too many, trying to plonk it in the water, or better, trying to line it up with your gang-plank. Some kind of plank prank, or jackass movie imitation.

    I hope it's all fixable.


  3. My first thought was, not that you forgot to brake, but that the parking break snapped. I saw that happen one time, car went straight down into the bay water.
    Glad no one is hurt!

  4. I were being chased by the police which led to some careless driving and it is the gold you have just stolen that is actually balancing the van and stopping it from toppling over the edge! The Rotterdam Job!!!!!!

  5. Hi Val,

    for this I stop my blogger silence.
    It's the new project of Modern Art and we should remember Mr. Joseph Beuys.

    Love Stefan xx

  6. Oh I like these!

    Stu, Your first one is great!

    Anne Marie, Sindy as a driver would definitely be a risk. She'd have been after a snack for sure :)

    Yob types is quite a likely reason, but this time not it...

    Grace, your idea sounds very plausible, but nope, not this time :)

    Fran, I love it. A gold heist. Yessss!

    Ah Stefan, this could well be true of Rotterdam and Holland in general. There is a saying here that if you don't know what it is, it must be art!

    Thanks everyone. I'll just see if there are any other offerings before I fess up :)

  7. I know, Google chose your van as a test vehicle for their driverless car project which I just read about in the paper this morning. However, as we can see here, this particular test drive was not quite a resounding success...

  8. Earthquake? Someone moved the pier?

  9. 1. You have found a novel way of changing the sump oil.

    2. A sudden gust of wind blew.

    3. You skidded on an oily patch.

    4. You were attempting to push the boat out & went too far.

  10. I think some one thought the blog needed a little excitement and decided either wreck the van or sink the boat. The van lost: who'd want to sleep in the van.

  11. You tried to drive up the gangway
    when You suddelie saw a nice looking guy, and because of him
    You missed ............

  12. Is this a halloween thing maybe?

  13. All of the above?


    Even I know that a gangplank is rather narrow...

    Hope it wasn't too much of an inconvenience... you still have a boat.

  14. I woke up one morning and my little Toyota Corolla was on the sidewalk. Courtesy of my friends - a Halloween prank.

    Several years later, I woke up and my truck was nowhere in sight... apparently it decided to take a joy ride on it's own down the hill, and parked itself against an accommodating tree.

  15. Well I love all these suggestions, and Anne Marie, three attempts? You get the prize for effort :)

    Maria, I have to say I think yours is great, but I like ib Frohberg's idea that I got distracted by a nice looking That's classic.

    This post seems to have picked up a few new visitors too. Just shows what inviting people to be creative does, hey?

    And Haloween? Changing the sump oil?Earthquake??? And trying to liven up my blog??? Well, I suppose they're all possible.

    However, the truth is a lot more mundane, so I suppose I should embellish that a bit, let's see. I'll come up with a good story a bit later that has some approximation to the truth :)

  16. Dale, I missed yours! What happened to your pickup sounds a lot more interesting than what happened here :) Was it damaged?

  17. It's Emily the sheep's fault, since we're going to embellish and get fictitious.

  18. OMG. o_O"

    It was trying to commit suicide but then chickened out at the eleventh hour?

    -Barb the French Bean

  19. Yes, Val, it was damaged indeed. Several hundred dollars later...
    I could do a great post regarding my dear pickup.

    I am still convinced that you decided your barge would double as a ferry!

  20. Oh alright then....

    Here it is.....

    We arrived back from a weekend down south. Of course, we'd had a few on the road and so had Sin so we were all feeling a bit riotous.

    In our enthusiasm for life, we all leapt out of the van - us out the side doors and Sin out the back (hence the open door).

    Sin took off down the road, so I chased after her, and Koos chased after me, not knowing why, but it seemed like a good idea.

    The van had its own ideas and wanted to go on board, so it took advantage of the fact we'd all forgotten the handbrake and edged itself forwards. Unluckily for the van but luckily for us, Koos had left a large bag on the ground by the wheels, and it got stuck on that, so its progress was arrested.

    Some parts of this are true, but I'll leave it to you to decide which ones they are....fact is often stranger than fiction isn't it?

  21. Dale, I'd love to read the story of your pickup, and the ferry idea has merit. Not sure the van would agree though :)

  22. I hope there were no eggs in the bag...


  23. So a few drinks WERE involved! Tsk tsk! It's a shame though: wouldn't it be great if Google really HAD picked you as test candidates for their driverless car project (which apparently really exists - I didn't invent it)? Would you be millionaires by now?

  24. We've taken bets on who was driving...

  25. Well...
    This is the hard part...
    I thought it would never happen to her...
    But it did...
    happen to me.
    I just forgot.

  26. Memory not what it used to be...

  27. Especially the short term bit...

  28. I won!!! (Deliberately obtuse - don't want to offend)

  29. Strange things happens everytime I´m away from Blogland it seems... :)
    I hope that nobody got hurt and that the damage to the van wasn´t that serious.
    This reminds me of what happened to a guy in my home village many years ago; one fine Sunday evening when he came back from his summer house out in the archipelago, he couldn´t dock his boat to his jetty because his Saab 900 was already standing there... on the bottom...

  30. Hi Val
    I don´t know how you got there, but how did you get out?
    I´m glad you did get out!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Hi Val
    I did´n´t see your explanation, so I am so glad you weren´t in the van when this happened, imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Could it be the van started on a trip for Cuba?


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