Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to shout about something

And that something is Koos's photography as revealed here in this book. These abstract art photos were all taken round the shipyard where the Hennie H is having its bottom plating done. Koos has the artist's eye to such a degree he can even find beauty in puddles full of oily water, flaking paint on empty cans, the daubs where shipyard workers have cleaned their brushes and let's not forget, lumps of rusty metal. They are all here and in Koos's lens become images of great beauty.

He so deserves some recognition and success with his photography, it would be fantastic if our blog friends would spread the word, and maybe..... even buy the book.


  1. I agree with your words wholeheartedly, Val! This is all true about Koos' work.

  2. Val, I love the photos in the book, and I am thinking it would make a lovely Xmas gift for Austin. I've just been very busy with the start of the school year- not even made it to the post office yet, despite all good intentions.

  3. Thanks so much for the corroboration Maria. That's quite a compliment from one I consider to be a gifted photographer too!

    Oh Anne Marie, you did make me smile. I know I'm being a bully aren't I? Your support has already been fantastic, so if you were to do that for Austin, Koos would be proud indeed, but please please don't feel obliged in any way :)

  4. Val, you're not a bully! I was thinking when I first saw the book excerpts on FB that my photography buff would really appreciate it.

  5. Koos deserves lots of recognition, his photo eye is brilliant and unique. I enjoy his photos. His book will be a success!


  6. i can't but agree with the other commentators here. great work by koos.

  7. His photos are indeed amazing! Congratulations on the book and here's to many more to come! :D
    Is it on sale only online?

  8. We were looking thorugh it on Koos' blog the other day. It looks great. that's why we had to ask him to take photos of our wedding :)

  9. Aw Anne Marie, that would be great, and thank you. I know how busy you are, though. My two girls feel is they've been hit by a hurricane with the start of the school year xx

    Grace and Ingela, many thanks for your votes of confidence. I truly hope it will find its way into the market.

    Aledys, at the moment the book is only available online at Thanks for the compliments!

    Stu, Koos is honoured to have been asked.

  10. Wisty did a fab PR on facebook. I forgot all about Lulu! so, the PR was also a reminder.

    Lovely images. Poetic. I love work that stops me and Koos stops me. It says, hej, kijk en zie wat er hier voor jou om te zien.


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