Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Taking Stock

Well. I've reactivated my blog mainly because I miss my special group of bloggie friends. I'm still off FB, and don't know when I'll put that back.

The thing is there's a whole heap of stuff going on in our lives at the moment, not all of which are pleasant; and sometimes you just want to batten down the hatches and hide from the world. Never having been one to 'talk', it's not in my nature to thrash things out in public, so I hope my dear blog pals will understand that I don't do so now. It all sounds as if I'm looking for sympathy, but I'm not at all. I'm fine and I know this phase will pass - it really was a simple case of being too tied up in these other things to worry about blogs and social networks, and I just got the hell in with the whole internet scene anyway.

Interestingly, after reading Anne Marie's blog where she lists the goods and bads of Facebook, which she's just joined, I am finding I don't miss it at all, and may decide to stay away. It's just that there are so many friends there who don't come to blogland, and yes, that's hard. I'd miss the contact. Still, I will decide sooner or later I suppose.

In the meantime, hoping you're all well. I probably won't be blogging all that much in the next weeks, because work is also piling up, but I will be here and I will be following yours too....so watch out :-)

PS I've added a couple of updates of the Vereeniging which I've now moved on to again. Strangely Blogger just won't accept one of them, so I'll try again later. The drawers beneath the bed are my latest creation out of some old wood I've been keeping for some years now. They match my kists in the lounge area which are made of the same wood.


  1. Hi Val,

    good to hear some new from you and I'm happy to see you here in blogland again. Hope all will be turning up for a better time, very soon. Sometimes only bad things come around. I say: "In a deep dark valley the sun is shining, too and the sun will be banish the darkness."
    Yep I read Anne Maries blog and she is right with her thinking about Facebook, but it's a way to communicate very fast with some friends. Now I must going on with working.
    Best wishes
    Love Stefan xx

  2. Hi Val,

    I'm sorry to hear that there are some unpleasant things happening in your life. Hope things will turn for the better soon.

    All the best xx

  3. we got really worried, but are glad you are back. sorry about the unpleasantries. hope they are just temporary.

    ingela and hans

  4. good morning Val, what a nice surprise this morning to see you have posted. Like you told me, blogland is more like a few friends gathering for dinner as opposed to the big party over at FB. So me too, I like the small gathering. So, no worries if we don't see you blog for awhile, just happy to see you around :).
    I fully understand all too well lately, about hiding from the world, so take care of yourself. all my best,


  5. We missed you! I am sorry that life is not all good at the moment and I hope it sorts itself out soon. Thanks for taking the time to pop over to my blog it means a lot. I rarely actually use Facebook, more a means of checking up on what my kids are doing! Take care xxx

  6. I have to say that FB is a real pain in the butt... I am in there (again) after a very long absence... yet again to specifically promote this Festival thing, but every time I stick my nose in there I can hardly wait to get out again!
    Luckily, most of the "friends" in FB are actually neighbours or family... or a group that I work with in the software forums, so to be in there is really an optional.

    On the other hand, the blogging is a more "intimate" affair where I get to "relate" to people and share experiences. But I still swear that there is nothing quite like a hug to feel uplifted!

    Hoping you are getting plenty of hugs Vally.

  7. Thanks so much everyone. It's all part of life's rich tapestry isn't it?

    Still, the good wishes and hugs are exceptionally welcome and I really appreciate each and every comment.

  8. Hi Val,
    i am delighted to see you back in blogland, but saddened that you are dealing with unpleasant things. You know that if you need a sympathetic ear, I am just a mouse click away. I am still gathering some books for you, and will be hopefully sending out the parcel by the week's end. Today, the first day back, and we are all zoned out, kids and teachers alike.

    The Vereeniging looks fantastic- quite clever to put the drawers there, as a softer landing for when your heavyweight guests come back to visit. ;)

    Much love sent your way to you and Koos.


    P.S. I am finding FB to be rather comme-ci, comme-ca.

  9. I missed you, Val!
    And just when I decide to get back into blogger - harumph...
    No, actually no offense has been taken. As I've said before, I enjoy the blogs so much better.
    And I am considering doing the switch back, too. There is something about visiting everyone's doorstep individually, as opposed to trying to battle the wallflower syndrome at the big party. Parties must end, but good friends persist.
    I much prefer a cuppa with a good pal at the kitchen table than anything else and that's truly how blogger feels - to me.
    You are always welcome at my hearth, Val!
    And I will always search out your cosy cabin, too.


    lol frittle will verify me this time

  10. And give Koos a big hug from me.


  11. Anne Marie, you are just entering the fray again, so good luck for the new year, dear. I'm sure you'll enjoy it judging from what you've told me. If I had to teach in schools, I think your age groups would be my choice too. I'll keep that mouse click ready in case of need. Thanks. It means a lot knowing you are out there.

    Dale, you too. How I would love to visit your hearth for a cuppa! I think many of us have realised blogland is a better place to be than FB. In many ways, it's fun and convenient and so easy to get a quick overview of what everyone is up to, but it's not the place where friendships are forged and sustained.

    Everyone on this page: Stefan, Grace, Maria, Ingela and Hans, Fran, Janys and even Tim, who I drop in on only occasionally I'm afraid (must rectify), all of you here mean something real to me, and some of I've even been lucky enough to meet. FB sets my mind in a spin with its frenetic activity, and as you say so beautifully Dale, the wallflower syndrome is hard to overcome there.

    It's so much more peaceful here! Has anyone noticed too that even Koos has started blogging again in a tentative way!

    I will deliver the hugs in person when I see him at the weekend.

    Once again, thank you all. Onwards and upwards as they say :)

  12. Your place looks great, too, by the way! Your cosy wee cabin.
    I love the colours and the white. And there is a dog there, too. ;)
    I also wish only pleasant things for you!

  13. I will be delighted to get news of you after you have met up with Tom and his wife before they wend their way over to me. Won't be long now...meanwhile hubby and I will be taking practice runs around the supermarket car park on the new motorbike!!!

  14. Nice to see you back in blogland :) I have to admit I find myspace and FB very time consuming ( and I just don't have that time anymore :) life has become much too hectic ) and I think everyone summed up their preferences for blogging beautifully :) I think blogger defines us more as individuals :)in many resects our personal space becomes our home on the net :)

  15. Sorry to hear you're going through hard times. Take your time and we'll all still be here when you're ready.

  16. c u when we c u. my door is always open. :)

  17. Very lovely post. I actually like the photo of you, Val. It is lovely.

    Life has it's way of turning us around but hopefully we know how to steer, hold on, and let go. You do and I take my hat off to you.

    Love the drawers. Love the digs.


    PS: it's the weekend :-)

  18. never a need to apologize... I have been a dreadful blogger lately. But do visit mine, the words to a song you surely know are posted just now and might make the corners of your mouth twitch up!
    As for whatever is going on in your life, I hope it is all resolved soon. And remember, always just an email away if at any point you do feel the need to vent.
    I am still at facebook. mainly to keep tabs on my family. BUt like you, really missing my blogs friends lately, so will be making a much resolved effort to be a BB. (Better Blogger).
    sending love, huddles and smiles...

  19. Once again, thanks for the re-visits from Dale, Janys and Grace. Dale, I'm so glad you like my cozy cabin, and Janys, I'll send you meesages via Tom.

    Destiny, I so agree, Blogger defines the person more than that maelstrom that is Facebook.

    Gina, merci du compliment. Your words give me strength.

    Melissa, thank you too. Wise words that fit well.

    Stevie, I'll come visit just now, and yes, email is still the most personal of all isn't it? I will know I can spill if needed, thank you sweets.

  20. checking in to wish you a nice weekend despite all.

  21. Just a big hug and a kiss from us... Hope you and Koos enjoy the great weather this weekend. Happy you're back, no blogworld without you mylady:D x S&S

  22. Thinking of you today, Val.
    That's all.


  23. It's good to see you back in blogland, I hope you'll post from time to time when you are not so tied up. Those drawers look great - you made them yourself?
    Take care and tot de volgende! ;)

  24. Hi Vally, so there you are! Maria kindly pointed me in this direction, I was worried about you. I am very sorry to hear about the unpleasantries that are going on in your life. If you ever want to come over, you know you are very welcome! Hang in there, girl!

    Love, Suz xoxo

  25. Dale, bless you.

    Aledys, thanks for dropping by. I've found you on flickr too now, so you might see me on your photo page there from time to time too.

    Simone, bug hugs to you and Stu!

    Suze, I'm sorry I disappeared without saying anything, but I'm really happy to see you here. I'll send you a mail soon, but you know I'd love to come see you there sometime...just make sure you stay there now :)

  26. I neglected to mention, how I love the photo of Sin on the bed.


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