Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer 2010 - over

This will go down in my memory as the summer that wasn't. That sounds dramatic and negative, but for me, for us, it's been the case.

There have been some highlights though, and I'd like to remember them here pictorially

The day in June we found the tiny ferry going to nowhere..and took it to the other side

The World Cup taking over our harbour for nigh on a month

Koos's birthday, 30 June, with his son Kasper and Mo and Craig

A lovely July evening with friends Jitze and Manette when they stopped their travels in Breskens, Zeeuws Vlaanderen (about 35 kms from my litle house)

Then Mo arrived home with Charlie boy.

On 22 July, we had a magical day out in Seclin and Mons en Pévêle in northern France. Here Koos is taking a photo of the canal side.

The big event in July was the arrival of Anne Marie and Austin with whom we spent three fabulous days

At the end of July, Mo and Craig came to help us with the Hennie Ha.

And finally, in early August, my sister came to visit and took this photo of Koos and I in our favourite Belgian village of Sautour.

The rest of August, the month of my holiday from work, was sadly a wash-out in every way, and the only day worth remembering was a day trip we took to Oostende on the 28th, where Koos took some of his most beautiful photos ever. On the way, we stopped at a place called Lisswege, supposedly the prettiest village in Belgium. Here it is.

This looks like quite a lot for one summer, doesn't it? Maybe I shouldn't complain after all. It was just August in the end that could be struck from the record and wouldn't be missed. For my part anyway.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone. Autumn is on its way and the changing colours will be accompanied by those wonderful smells of damp earth, falling leaves and the tang of frosty mornings. I find it melancholy but beautiful too.


  1. Val, your pictorial re-cap of the summer is beautiful, and eventful and from here looks like there was some good times. I like your description of Autumn on its way.
    And...I just love the pic of Sin and Charlie, and their blossoming friendship. (good for you Sin) Just have to share with you, I have had Summer for 4 1/2 yrs, the vacuum used to get her freaked out, try to jump out the window scared, I vacuumed this afternoon, and she did nothing!! just sat and watched.


  2. HI Val,
    Lots of wonderful highlights there. Seeing you and Koos again was truly one of the high points of our trip, and I can tell you we will not wait another 4 years to get across again. Life is too short.

    I can agree with you that August has not been too great, and I can add you to the list of people who have not had a pleasant end to their summer. I have two people very dear to me who are in the midst of devastating health news in their families, and it has been quite hard for me to be so cheery when I know they are facing some difficult days ahead.

    I can only wish you and them better days, and I do hope you manage to make the journey to Cinque Terre that you were so excited about. If not, perhaps we'll swing by and bring you along as we are going back in either fall 2011 or spring 2012.

    Lots of love to you both,

  3. Lovely post and lovely pictures, thank you. How is your eye? x

  4. Yep. There really was not much of a summer in terms of weather and judging by the drop in temperature and nights slowly growing dark it is over. Shame. Still it sounds like you had a fun summer as did we :)

  5. Val, your photos never cease to make me smile!
    I love the one of you with Anne-Marie and Austin - even though we've never met, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to see you together!
    And the little ferry is adorable - I would have gone for a ride, too!

    As for summer, we had very little hot weather, which suits me fine, as hot flashes are far more uncomfortable when it's over 25 degrees...
    But for the rest, it was a good one. I had five girlfriends come to visit on different occasions throughout the summer, so that added to the enjoyment.
    We have had several weeks of cold, wet weather, which is unual for this area - we are known to be semi-arid, with little precipitation during the year. Ha! Yesterday it rained steady all day, with thick, low clouds hanging above the lake. I had to turn a lamp on at midday...
    Thanks for sharing these moments. I hope they've cheered you, as they did me!


  6. The good thing about autumn is, that it will bring gezelligheid and colors everywhere. Great colours around you, falling leaves... gezelligheid because it's time to get together and light candles... The rain will certainly wash away all your bad feelings about this summer as well! And before you know it spring will come and bring new life and then you will get the summer you and Koos so deserve! You can take my word for it! And if you are done with all the rain, just come over and sit down on our sofa and we will pour you a nice glass of wine or a hot chocolate!!

  7. I guess the fact that the less than pleasant period was at the end of the summer sort of emphasizes the negative and makes the entire summer feel like a drag with its weight. I do hope though, that the good 'glimpses' feel all the more special because of that.

  8. And now move on towards the soothing mugs of hot chocolate, the roasted chestnuts, the warm fires, the cosy evenings spent in pleasant company, the warm blankets and lots of loving hugs...


  10. Just found your blog when reading A Heron's View. Interestingly enough, my daughter just married a man from the Netherlands so that caught my interest. Love your writing and photography.
    I am trying to solve a mystery. I have acquired..from a ornately carved cabinet with the King and Queen of Belgium carved on the door. It is from 1961 and the catastophe de Jupille. The carving is an exact replica of the photo on the front of Le Patriote magazine back in 1961. I have the story of it on my blog and detailed pictures of the cabinet. I live in Indianapolis Indiana U.S. and I have no idea why it is here, who carved it, why it was carved so intricately and then dumped in a dumpster. But as my blogger buddies have all has come to me for a reason and I am keeping it safe and sound. But I just can't help but wonder....


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