Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On the way to being the Bionic Woman

Cataract one is done...yay...I've been waiting for this since July. By the end of the year,after the second one's done, I'll be able to see again. That will be such a relief.


  1. Very glad to hear that things are progressing in this! Not that many months left of this year either, so hopefully the time until the second operation will pass quickly.

  2. Oh, poor you. I hope it is not too painful. I do think a black pirate patch would be a touch more stylish though! Take care of yourself xxx

  3. Thanks both of you. It's a fairly unpleasant procedure given that you are not under General Anaesthetic, but bearable in he end, and the long term benefits will be great. Fran I have a pirate eye patch, but it doesn't fit over this cap they've given me :(

  4. Hi Val,

    I'm glad to read that it went well. Best of luck in the healing process. I know it will all be a relief when it's over. How long does it have to stay covered?

  5. Terrific it all went well Val. In a short time, you will have 2 new eyes. Hope the second op goes just as smoothly, am sure it will!


  6. Anne Marie, I take the cover off tomorrow but will have to wear it at night for a few weeks.

    Thanks Grace, the second op won't be till December probably.

  7. ah, but it is just around the corner. I wish your eye will be amazing when you remove the cover during the day. I remember my Dad, was amazed.

  8. my mother has gone through that, too, but she isn't satisfied with the result. my aunt's (the one you met) operations were successful though, so hope yours will be too.
    take care.

  9. Hi Vally,

    Hope you will be able to see again very soon. Your eye will feel brand new once it's used to the light again :D But that will work out great, I'm sure of it! The world will look definitely much brighter to you I guess, new world opening up! You're in our thoughts a lot, we wish you the best! Hang in there !! xx Simone

  10. I hope everything went fine during the surgery? It will be a great relief when they've done the other eye! My father went through that just last week and he's so happy now that he can see properly again!

  11. You brave soul!
    Letting someone at you full in the eye with a laser. Ick
    Great to hear though, Val!
    I have a couple of friends (who are indeed a couple) who both had the surgery. They were both full-time glasses-wearers. Now neither one of them uses glasses at all!
    Then there is my poor, dear Mum... she had the surgery a couple of years ago and it was botched. She has never been able to see from one eye very well since.
    Not to worry you unnecessarily, Val, as I hear there are countless more successful laser surgeries than not.
    As for my own eyesight, it is becoming farther and farther away!


  12. Many thanks for the encouragement and good wishes, dear people.

    Grace, the one eye is looking good. I have not opted for perfect sight (never have had it, even with glasses) because I want to be able to read and work on the computer without glasses. As I don't do much driving and never watch TV, distance is of lesser concern to me. The difference between the two eye now feels very weird though.

    Ingela, I hope my second eye goes as well as the first. I feel rather out of balance at the moment. I'm sorry to hear about your mum..that's such a shame after having gone through such a horrible procedure.

    Simone, thanks so much for the sweet message. I hope the world will look brighter in every way soon :)

    Aledys, thanks too. It's a relief to know your father was so happy with the results.

    Dale, I will always have to wear glasses for distance. Most people to choose to wear them for reading though. By the way, it's not done with lasers. It's entirely surgical with knives and everything! And yes, I was a gibbering wreck beforehand, but luckily they covered my right eye, so I couldn't see what was going on at all. I'm so sorry your mum's was botched. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the second eye now, but the eye hospital here has a fantastic reputation.

  13. Hi Val,
    sorry I'm a little bit late with my writing.
    Hope you feel better in the meantime. Great you can see again.
    Love Stefan xx

  14. Glad to hear you got that behind you! I had to wear an eye patch for a week a few years ago, thanks to some fluid somebody spilled in my eye. You will be so happy once it has been removed! And all will be forgotten very quickly!
    I think you have been very brave indeed, girl, I am proud of you!

  15. Glad to hear it all went well :)

  16. Oh my...
    I wish you a fast and trouble free recovery!
    Keep calm and carry on!

  17. Oh Val!
    I am so so sorry you have to go through these operations!


    I wish you a speedy recovery my dear.

    Take care.


  18. Ouch. Looks painful but it's good that it's all to help... and to give you supper human sight.

  19. Best of luck: people that I know who have had this procedure are generally pleased with the improvement (especially in night vision). I hope you are too! (did you get the high-gain telescope version of the implant?)

  20. When ma-in-law had hers done (the first time) they put some sort of rose coloured liquid in her eyes... if nothing else you should be able to see the world through rose coloured "glasses" all the time if you got the same treatment!

    Just love the mysterious patch, though I think Fran has the right idea... a bit more Jack Sparrow and a little less Florence Nightingale would have been a bit sexier!


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