Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bits and bobs

Oh dear, life is running away with me again, and my poor blog is suffering...well, it probably isn't, that's just me talking nonsense. The thing is, it's really hard to keep track of what's going on at the moment, so let me just list a few things.

Firstly, I am almost ready to move back on to the Vereeniging. That's a big plus, although now I am down in Zeeland for a week, so the proper move will have to wait until I go back.

Secondly, those of you who have seen my Facebook status will know that my holiday plans were severely interrupted by some mindless, drunken idiot sticking his boot through my windscreen, costing me days of my break, not to mention a few hundred euros in repairs that I can ill afford right now. Something of a minus here, I think you'll agree.

Then, we are still really busy with the Hennie Haha, which I now call it since this little boat seems determined to have the last laugh on us. Anyhow, the decks are all scaled now and today I went over them with a rotary steel brush attached to an angle grinder (how I love power tools!) and managed to wear the brush down to nothing in the process...haha...see? Still, they look good and are pretty much ready to be painted as soon as the rain decides to more plus.

Another plus is the amazing photography Koos has been doing at the shipyard. I call it container art. If you haven't seen his latest photos, just do yourselves a favour and go to his Flickr page. The pictures he's publishing of images he sees on the old containers in the yard are just fantastic.

The final plus is that hopefully I'll have some time to write in the next week, and that I'm really looking forward to, so let's see now - on balance, there are more plusses aren't there? All I need now is some sunshine to brighten up my spirits!

I'll leave you with a photo of the Vereeniging's new sofa uncovered here to contrast with my beautiful Sindy. After taking the pic, I bought a couple of throws to protect it from my very black dog.

There's also a neat movie that Koos made here with music by the wonderful Kate and Anna McGarrigle


  1. Beautiful sofa, and beautiful Sin! Great contrast in the photo. It looks fantastic.
    Sorry about all the mishaps, I did not read about the drunken idiot (haven't spent much time @FB recently). But it looks like you have things organized and can finally get time to write. B)


  2. You are brave...a white sofa!

  3. I heard about the windshield--didn't know it was a drunken idiot though...that sucks! Glad to hear you're glad to be back on the Vereeniging though; the new sofa looks great!

  4. I love your way with words, this post reads as busy as your life is at the moment! The new sofa is fantastic, what a shame it has to be covered up with throws. We bought a light blue sofa (and beige carpets) just before we got Alfie, big mistake!! Still I would rather replace sofa and carpets (and sometimes Pete!)than Alfie.

  5. Grace, thanks. I also think Sin looks very elegant here!I was very fed up about the incident with the car, but am glad it's behind me now. I hope to start writing this evening!

    String, the whiteness is well hidden now! I'm not that brave :)

    Lemon, thanks, I assume the guy was drunk because I can't think why else someone would stick their boot in the screen of a totally unknown person's car, and in fact the guy who saw it happen thought he was drunk too.

    Fran,it is a shame the sofa has to be covered, but I love Sindy more and am not inclined to make her life miserable for the sake of a piece of furniture. I agree with what you say totally :)

  6. yes, Sin looks very regal, almost like a Sphynx. :)

  7. Hi Val,

    your room looks beautiful.
    I fill up my bog with U2 pics, but I feel it's now boring and so I must find some new.

    Have a good sunday.
    Love Stefan xx

  8. Vally... wonderfully newsy post as ever and I love the sofa. Very nice. What colour throws did you throw?
    Don't talk to me about busy right now as I know what you mean. This Festival is wearing me down to a frazzle but it is so exciting all the intense communication with all the different participants who are (for the most part) being absolutely fantastic getting their info to me to blog in time for the big DO. Still have to get my own photos printed, but the exhibition space is now sorted much to our (3 women photographers) relief.
    So back to the blog... if anyone else wants to look at our (my) slow progress...take a preview peek
    Still some 50 events to include so forgive me if I skedaddle.

  9. I keep looking for the "like" button - not good.

    I, too, missed the fb status, but yikes! That is also not good.

    And the Hennie Haha, sounds so much better than Hennie with just a plain "H". She's a handful, by the sounds of it, but I know you like it! The only thing about power tools I don't like is the noise - I am very sensitive to sounds and hate it when I can't hear what's going on around me. Otherwise, arr arr arr!

    I will have to revisit to see what's going on with Koos and his lovely pics and videos.


    verification - henducti ... have you considered duct tape?

  10. How did I miss this? The new sofa is gorgeous, albeit not terribly practical without the throws, eh?

    I'm so happy you got the car sorted out and got to do some writing.


  11. Sindy looks like she is guarding the sofa. You might not have to worry about hairs on it after all or anyone sitting on it for that matter. She looks very serous.

  12. Life on a boat definitely sounds exciting, it's something that as a girl born and raised inland, never got a chance to see, (boat houses and the like) until I got here to the NL.
    Sorry to hear about the idiot crashing into your windscreen! Grrrr....
    The new sofa looks fantastic and the contrast with Sin, is perfect. He seems to know that, judging by his pose :D

  13. thanks for all your comments and compliments, vally. they are very much appreciated :)
    you sure have been working hard this summer. had any time to rest and enjoy the sun? the sun is shining here now, but we woke up to a frosty lawn this morning and i hate it!
    happy days! hugs,


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