Saturday, May 08, 2010

Strange happening with Blogger

last night I posted a new short piece on my writing blog, but now I notice it is dates 30 April, a week out of date. Very strange. some glitch on the server maybe, or something I've done (more likely). Anyhow for those who like to read it, there's another short offering. It proceeds slowly! Hopefully, the summer will give me more time to write more!


  1. At least we are all still a week younger! Glad you had a good trip, I enjoyed reading about your adventures.

  2. Vally, I finished your book. It was a pleasure to read. And I couldn't put it down... :D
    Can i also get your other book? "Watery ways"
    It's your own fault... you made me incredibly curious about your first year on the barge!! :D
    Can i get the book from you, when we meet again, hopefully some time soon. Or should I get it through Bol.Com? I take it it's more profit for you if it doesn't go through Ah well let me know. No hurries, but I need to get my hands on that other book of yours ;P

  3. Hi Val,
    I will go look for your new instalment. BLogger is doing all sorts of odd things- I emailed String because I could not see most of a post she had put up, and yet it looked fine to her. Weird.

    The hubby and I are trying to finish the summer plans. We're leaning towards Belgium, but I will email you and let you know.


  4. Haha, Fran, good point! Every second counts these days doesn't it?

    Simone, thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed my African adventures. If you would like Watery Ways, I do have a copy you could take when we next see each other, but yes, you can also get it from It's actually cheaper from Bol than it is from the publishers because Bol charges so much less for postage! Still, it is of course MUCH less of you get it from me ;-)

    Thanks Anne Marie. I read your email last night and will reply this evening. I'll also be sure to read the next part of EG! I have to finish some lesson planning first though, sadly. Work is such a nuisance ;-P

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  6. I've noticed blogger doing a lot of strange things too lately. Google reader will tell me there is a new post on a blog I follow but when I click the link there is no such post.

    Plus blogger seems to be down a lot lately. I hope it gets sorted out soon.


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