Sunday, November 22, 2009

Plans afoot

Mo as we have got use to seeing her these days

There's been some encouraging news this weekend. Mo and Craig have finally got themselves a berth in a harbour in Rotterdam. Not in ours, for which I think they can be thankful given the political shenanigans, but in harbour across the river. It's quite a bit more expensive, but then they will just pay their money and get on with life. No restoration plans, no burdensome rules, just keep your ship neat, well painted and clean and no one will bother you. It sounds so attractive I'm even making an enquiry there myself!

The next move is bringing their ship down from Amsterdam, which is going to happen on the 5th of December. More about that later! What this all means in practice though, is that the prospect of moving back onto the Vereeniging is closer than expected...and I have plans....

Firstly, I want to re-do the 'roof' before moving back on. I was going to put a steel roof on, but that would mean dismantling the entire interior - again! I have therefore decided to use wood instead. Sheets of heavily sealed or painted plywood in fact - positioned under the hatch boards. This should result in making the top watertight, and give me the chance to dispense with the tarpaulin.

Then inside, I have some restructuring to do, although I'm not quite sure how it's going to work, as I need my office space back. What I have decided to do, though, is invest in an eco toilet. Everyone around me seems to be abandoning these, but there are some very sophisticated models available now. As I don't want to be restricted as to where I can go on account of having an environmentally unfriendly loo, it seems like a good time to make the investment.

So....exciting times ahead, not to mention the new book I am about to start. Which one do you think it should be? The sequel to Watery Ways or a novel based on my slightly loopy life in England's west country before I went to South Africa? The first will be easier, but the second, more challenging. I'm open to suggestions!


  1. Hi Val,
    Wow, lots of changes afoot.

    My vote is for the loopy English life. Nothing like going back and forth in the time continuum.


  2. wow, you lot are always doing something! busy bees :) I like the idea of reading about your loopy English life. I'm up for anything English!


  3. Definitely the early days, when I didn't know you. It would be interesting to know what you got up to hee hee.
    We also need to be on the look out for an eco loo. The harbour doesn't allow waste from the toilet to go into the water. I wonder if they have a honey sucker?!

  4. WOW, I so want to visit your boat! Good news all around then! I, like the rest, vote for the English...although I have to say learning more about the boat life is always appealing!

  5. Hi Val,

    write about your life in the old England. I think you know I love your country.


  6. It sounds like you are going to be very busy

  7. Okay, then the loopy life in England is what it will have to be! Thanks everyone.

    And String you would be very welcome. It would be great to see you over here. For my part I would love to visit you where you live as it is a part of England very dear to my heart. In fact my loopy life took place not so far from you ;-)

    Anne Marie, back and forth in time keeps me on my toes anyway!

    Grace, You like English, you shall have it, and you too, Stefan.

    Mo, all will be revealed! But hopefully fairly well disguised ;-) I shall make fiction from fact...just like Arie!

    Stu, busy is the best way to be, no?

  8. We're looking at a 'villa' loo from They've now got an office in Gent which is handy for us. Will let you know but hoping it's better than the current toilet as next generation.

  9. Oh Val!
    Do the loopy English life!


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