Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Autumn chills

Mo and Craig's Marion Aagje at its mooring in a nature conservation area near Amsterdam.
They can't wait to bring it to Rotterdam, where at least they'll be able to scrape and paint without worrying about noise, pollution and upsetting the old ducks (of the human variety) who watch them from their windows.

I don't really know what to write about this evening....feel I should write something as it's been a while since I updated my blog. I should be working on material for my classes too, but I'm a bit fed up with that now. In fact, i've got a real case of anti Autumn chill blues. The barge is warm and it's cosy inside, but it's really absolutely and horribly yuk outdoors. I love being outside so the rain, wind and looming dark clouds are really depressing, and I can't quite get the hang of the fact that summer's over.

Last weekend, we went down to Westdorpe, and even there I couldn't get inspired to do anything.

I know what I want to do...... I'd like to replace the other peeling panel on the Vereeniging, oil the wooden berghout or rubbing rail as I think it's called. I'd also like to do some more of the paintwork, insulate the engine room, oversee the installation of the startermotor on the engine....yes, well, you see? It all means working outside..grrrrrrr.

What I will do now is just add a couple of pics I've lifted off my phone again, and then get back to work. At least I can still do things that will help to earn the money I so want to spend on my ship....once this blessed rain has stopped!

Oh and yes, there's a thought! I could always start on my next book. the idea has been simmering for ages. Watch this space!!!

I just like these wind tubines. Sorry to all those who don't!

The big barges meet their match in thse monster transporters on the Westerschelde estuary near Antwerp.


  1. I was thinking, as I read the post, Val needs to start a new book... And Anne-Marie needs to finish one. Two, actually.


  2. Oh! A Finnish ship!:) T
    he mv Pulpca of Transfennica Ltd
    I wish I could jump onboard one of those some day and come down and pay you guys a visit!

  3. not knowing what to post, and you post so eloquently Val!! You always find the words.

  4. I know what you mean about the weather being so grim. Even just it being darker in the mornings makes it a lot hard form me to wake up and do anything. Here's looking forward to the summer.

  5. Anne Marie does need to finish her books. Val wants to see them in print...I'm preparing to start the next one, as the fiddling with SC's layout, page numbering and printing is getting a bit tedious now.

    Hans, wouldn't that be great? I know you can come with the ferry from Sweden, but not yet Finland I think. Which part of Finland do you live in?

    Grace, thanks! Writing nonsense come just as easily...lol

  6. Stu! you were leaving a comment just as I was writing mine. I need to pop over to yours and see what you've been invading this week ;-) I don't envy you travelling to Amsterdam every day, I must say. Not in this weather!

  7. Getting chilly here tooooooo....and suddenly I feel like hibernating! Val start new book, AM finish books! Yes! String write more book...

  8. Wish it could get chilly here! November and still 30 C out! I envy your weather! Sorry that you can't be outside though :( Hope it looks up for you soon!

  9. Hi Val,
    I'm living close to the west coast of Finland, halfway up the Gulf of Bothnia where it is at its narrowest.
    The place is called Korsholm (fi Mustasaari) and if you go to http://maps.google.com and cut and paste this: 63 6 15 N 21 41 23 E
    into the search bar and change the view to "satellite" it goes straight to our house.
    Zoom out some 8 to 9 steps, switch to map mode and you will get the big picture.
    If you do the same using this input: 63 20 39 N 21 19 11 E
    it takes you to the place where I was born.

  10. I fully sympathize with your dislike of the cold and dark of the autumn. It's exactly the kind of thing that makes you feel like putting on wool socks, wrapping a wool blanket around your shoulders and snuggling up in the sofa with a good book. Exactly the same here now: a grey drizzle, and by five p.m. it'll be dark. Yesterday it snowed but of course it's gone now.

  11. Tell me about it. Bring back summer!!!

    Oh well. We plan to move to Haarlem in the new year.

  12. Val!
    Where am I?
    I thought I commented here a while ago... But I may have only "thought" about commenting. Shame on me, although I've been here and read several times.

    I suppose it must be cramped quarters outside as well as in, while moored. I'm imagining a row of faces, framed by hands, peering out a row of windows. That would be a bit disconcerting, to say the least!
    It sounded like you were at least cosy within the hull of your little ship! Let the weather roar outside... but I know what it's like wanting to be outdoors.

    I love the pics, too! I happen to be one who like the wind turbines, too.

    Hope you had a great week!


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