Sunday, August 02, 2009

Roof mania

The last couple of weeks have been dominated by roof work. First there was the skylight on the Vereeniging. Then last week, Koos and I stripped the roof of the Luxor, cleaned and de-rusted the old steel, painted it and applied self adhesive roofing felt (that bitumen-backed stuff they put on sheds and outhouses) across the entire length before covering it again with its 'authentic' tarpaulin. All this was in an effort to finally kill all the leaks that have been popping up since the weather got so hot. Now we are down in Westdorpe where the little house is also having a new roof put on....and no, ladies and gentlemen, I am not doing this job myself! For once I have conceded to greater knowledge and much greater professional skill. Erik the builder is doing it for me. I haven't taken any pics as yet, but will before I leave in the morning.It's going to look amazing, I'm sure. Unfortunately, the changeable weather has delayed things a tad, but not too much, so hopefully all will be finished in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, Koos and I went on a beautiful walk today. We found a previously unexplored (by us) arm of the Leopold Canal just over the border in Belgium. The afternoon was perfect, the canal was total and utter peace with not another soul in sight and the colours of the surrounding summer countryside were warm and vivid. Food for my soul to sustain me during the week in the city.


  1. Val, I am glad to hear that you are not doing the work on the roof of your wee house by yourself!
    I think the roof has more square footage than your entire home! Well, if nothing else, higher and quite a bit steeper...
    Eugene has a dutch word for, what I call, a "hip-roof". I'm sure you know the word, too. ;)

    Your landscape does remind me of my days living on the Saskatchewan praries. Did I ever mention that to you? Very flat and covered with flowing grain crops - and all those trees planted in rows! All minus the below-sea-level water encroachment, mind!

    Without accessing Babelfish, does that sign mean something about a "lion's canal"?

    And, I DID give Stephanie a big hug from you!


  2. Hi Val,
    glad that you've recognised your limits and hired a pro for the house roof. Your pictures really captured the beauty of the Belgian summer. I have fond memories of being there in the 70s with old friends of my parents who had moved there.

    Wholigans review being worked on tonight, I promise.


  3. Fantastic piccies Mumsy!!! Glad you had a nice relaxing day out yesterday and I hope the week isn't too hectic for you. I'm into the last week in Deventer now, and boy am I counting down those hours!!! Btw, I will be finishing 'Lindiwe' tonight. I will send it through to you for a final squizz before submission, if that's ok.


  4. Lovely beautiful view of sunny countryside! I love your photos! We have sun here today too, breifly. I think I will get out it in!

  5. Hi Dale, here they call the 'hip roof' a 'mansarde kap' or a 'franse kap'. In England we call it a mansard roof, but then it all comes from the French, so I'm not sure what the Dutch term Eugene knows might be, so do tell! Interestingly enough, the canal's name comes from King Leopold of Belgium, although I'm sure that the name itself was originally to do with lions.

    I love what you say about the countryside! It could well be that Flanders and the southern Netherlands look like your prairie country. I imagine that these flat lands are all prone to sweeping winds and the trees are planted as windbreaks. A practical solution that I find incredibly beautiful.

    Thanks Anne Marie, Jo and String. The walk that resulted in these pics was particularly special. One that I'll remember for a long time. Jo, I'll be happy to read ;-)

  6. Not-e-laarsbrug?

    So if it's not a laars, then what is it?

    Anyway, brug is bridge and notelaar means nut tree.
    So that makes it nut tree bridge.

    Leopold is Dutch for Louis.
    Kanaal means - oh come on ;-)


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