Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not forgetting the Hennie H

We've just arrived back from an extended weekend in Zeeland. This was partly because I am officially on holiday at the moment, but we also wanted to spend some time working on the Hennie H. It still hasn't been to the slipway as we haven't found one yet that can lift it out of the water, but that aside, the little barge needed some TLC and it was time to get down to it - you can see some of this from the photo here, i.e the patchy paintwork on the hull

While Koos re-blacked the sides, I sanded and re-varnished the koekoeks and the entrance hatch, and then touched up the cream paint on the roof. Then yesterday, I went back again and sanded down the bench that runs round the stern of the boat. It was cracked and flaking and in really bad repair, so it took me a while, but after varnishing it, it looked a whole heap better. Not great - it can never be that - but at least no one would mind parking their behinds on it now. Previous reactions had been 'mind if I sit on the deck?' or 'the roof looks a nice place to stretch out'.

Today, then, I jumped on my little Vespa and went down there again to put a second coat of varnish on. It felt good using my scooter for something useful, especially as I went for a good spin afterwards.

Depsite being my holiday, I really enjoyed the work, It's a great spot in the harbour there in Sas van Gent and there's always a good breeze blowing. It really felt like being somewhere exotic with the sun shining down and yachts all around.

The Hennie H is such a sweet little barge and I have hopelessly impossible dreams for it. I really don't like the windows and we've wanted to change them for some time. A week ago or so I saw this picture of a trekschuit, which was almost the original Dutch bus. They were passenger boats pulled mostly by horses, but sometimes by people (hence the word trek), so they really did have lots of windows..totally legitimate and historic.

I think the Henni H would look fabulous with windows and doorways like this. We will really have to make a plan, won't we.....


  1. Good idea on the windows, will that many fit? Cute little thing. How do you like your vespa? I am thinking about getting one for out here.

  2. What a cute little boat. It sounds like you never stop dreaming of renovations!


  3. I'm not sure if we'll get that many windows in, String, but certainly about six smaller ones a side should fit. I love my Vespa, but mine is an old one. It's a pk50 and I can't remember exactly how old it is, but I think it was made in 1980 or thereabouts.It zooms along at 40kph and can do 50 but then it's really screaming, so I don't like to push it! But yes, highly recommended as a mode of quick but not fast transport!

    Yes, Anne Marie, projects are my thing. I don't know how long it will take to realise this one though. Maybe never...but I can still dream ;-)

  4. Dreams are the stuff that lives are made of ... so go and dream and live your life.

    I like this Hennie. I can't believe all the work you do on these barges. It sounds like a wonderful life.

  5. I was wondering what Hennie H was up to.
    Do you keep HH moored at Westdorp? I noticed the name on the stern.

    Those windows and doors would look great on your little barge!
    I say, go for it.

    We just got back from a weekend away, too.


    ...the word "koekoek" reminds me of some little antelope that lives out on the savanna...

  6. The Hennie H sounds charming! Speeding around on a Vespa...I really envy you :)

  7. I like all those windows. would really open it up. Ahh, I bet you can whip that up in no time Val!! :)

  8. Hi Val,

    now I'm a litte bit confused. How many barges you and Koos have?
    Ha, ha, one for every day?
    Only 11 days and it's Coldplay time in Hannover.

    Have a great weekend.


  9. Leslie, thanks! I have a feeling you would enjoy it too, knowing your love of travelling, Europe and boats too!

    Dale, the HH is moored in Sas van Gent, which is just over the canal from Westdorpe. I like your assosciation for koekoek. It always reminds me of a cookoo clock..somewhere you can pop your head out of and say cookoo....yes, well, okay....

    Lemon, everyon should have a vespa!!!

    Grace, I hope we can do it some day, but first we have to get its hull and steering fixed..sigh.....just keep on working....

    Stefan, haha, well we have three between us, we have a daddy barge (Koos's), a Mummy barge (mine) and a baby barge (ours), and they really follow that sort of size difference too....wish I was seeing Coldplay again. Please take lots of nice pics for me...please?


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