Friday, July 10, 2009

New looks for the Luxor

In the past weeks I've been pretty busy on the Luxor and its gangboorden and decks are now newly painted and rust free. Unfortunately, though, the very hot weather we had while I was beavering away did as much damage as the cold and wet. Everything got so hot, things started to contract, even the steel. The results became annoyingly clear when the rain started at the beginning of this week. It was as if someone had drilled holes in the roof and left the tap running.

What probably caused it was popping rivets as the steel on the roof was taken from the old deck (as in deckschuit). This was compounded by the fact that Koos's beautiful (ahem) blue tarpaulin had sprung a few leaks of its own, so the interim solution has been to buy a couple of new ones - this time in a more traditionally (and harbourly) accepted shade of green.

So, voila, the Luxor is becoming more spruce and shiny by the day. The next task is to paint the planks and restore the wheelhouse...oh and perhaps we'd better repair the roof as well....


  1. Hi Val,

    hope you feeling better.
    It's the same with your LUXOR and my old house. I must work on it every week. There is no ending.
    My kids are in your and Koos country for 8 days. They are making holidays with her mother in Worken. I had a look on the map. It must be a sweet town.

    Have a gret sunday.

  2. Hey Stefan, I hope you're having a good Sunday too! You must feel lost without your kids! Still, at least you can do some of that work on your house ;-) I don't know the town where your children have gone, but Koos says it's a pretty place. Many of the old Dutch towns are very lovely.

    I am also busy with DIY this weekend. My cold is getting better, thanks - it just takes time, and I'm impatient to be doing other things!

    Stay well, Stefan and thanks for coming by!

  3. Hi Val!

    I love my new place and I miss you, too. Just a quick hello and I'm on my way again.

    Give my love to Koos and tell him that LUXOR looks like he's basking in all your attention, Val!


  4. Hi Val,

    Just got back yesterday from my vacation. How are you?

    missed blogging! xo

  5. Ah Dale, so good to see you here again. I so hope you'll have time to blog some more soon. I really miss you a lot.

    You too, Grace, but at least I know you're back now! I'll be over to your blog right away!

  6. WOW!

    A beautiful boat, a great photo op...Thank you, VallyP!

    --Dan L.


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