Monday, May 04, 2009

And now it's the Vereeniging's 'beurt' on the slipway

The Dutch word 'beurt' means 'turn' but it's also used when talking about servicing a car as well. You have a 'kleine beurt', meaning a small service and a 'grote beurt' meaning a major service. Well, this is the Vereeniging's 'beurt' for a 'beurt' of the major variety.

While Koos and Craig started the engine, Mo and I threw off the ropes and we chugged across the harbour to replace last week's occupant around midday.  Below you can see the 'boys' as Koos likes to call them, discussing what boys discuss before the gangway was in place for Mo and I to get off. Koos and Craig -being boys - jumped off with the usual casual - and boyish - indifference to the drop. Show offs ;-)

While we waited, Mo was a tad cold by the looks of it....

Things soon warmed up when we attacked all the mussels attached to the bottom.

They are pretty disgusting really, and the next picture shows how thickly they have accumulated. the area in front has been scraped already.

Then comes the spraying. Craig and I shared this job, as it's hard and wet work, but then Koos inspected our efforts and did it all again...oh well, there's always something to learn! I don't really like doing it as the chips of old tar burn my face, and as I sit here typing, I can feel the glow coming off my cheeks. On the upside, I look really healthy!

Tomorrow, we'll start painting in earnest, and on Wednesday, Frits is coming to weld a strip across a vulnerable section of the bottom. Normally, I ask Philip to do my welding jobs, but as he's enjoying well deserved sunshine and adventures in the south of France now (see here), I'm happy because Frits is also brilliant. Wish us luck with the weather! 


  1. Hi Val,,
    how often does the barge need this minor tune-up?


  2. Every two years, Anne Marie!

  3. Hi Val,

    I read your story from your holiday. Think it was a real good journey.
    Hope all is well with your barge.
    Every two years you must be do such a inspection? Is this the same like the TÜV here in Germany?We must go with our cars every second year.


  4. I want to meet your barge!

  5. I wonder if Koos and Craig were showing off with the casual indifference only because there were ladies present? Would they have behaved differently had they been alone. ;-)

  6. Hi Stefan, I suppose what we do with the barge is similar to your TÜV, except it only has to be inspected by the insurance company every six years. What we do every two years is like a regular service.

    String, you would be very very welcome to come and meet my barge. Any time!

    Maria, that's a good point. The thing is I couldn't really say as I only see them when I'm around ;-)

  7. This in leiu of never having to mow a lawn!

    I love the photos and I still find your way of life so very interesting.
    Your arms must get quite sore from holding them over your head while muscling those mussels from the bottom of your boat.

    And I want to meet your barge, too, Val!


  8. Where do you stay in the midst of the tune up val?
    I wish you great weather. :)
    Bet you are glowing no matter what!


  9. Hi Dale, yes, your arms do get sore, and so does your neck...and back...and almost every part of you, but I kind of enjoy it all the same! And you absolutely must come and meet my barge some day!

    Grace, we still stay on board. We can do this as we have electricity on the slipway, and we have access to washing and other facilities there too. All the same, we can still shower on board if we want because we have connected a long hose to the outlet so it goes neatly into the water.

  10. ...but I prefer to shower in the facilities while I'm here as we get really dirty and I don't like the idea of all that muck going through my pump!

  11. that is great that you don't have to 'move out' while it is b eing done.
    Its mothers day over here tomorrow, I want to wish you a Happy Day.

  12. lol

    The word "beurt" reminds me of a sound to which I reply,
    "Oh, excuse me..."


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