Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter work

On Monday, Koos's Luxor is going on the slipway again. I can hardly believe it's more than two years since its last 'helling beurt', but it was, in fact, September 2006 when the weather was gloriously warm and sunny. This time, it will probably be sunny - well that's what the forecasters would have us believe, but I fear the temperature will leave a lot more to be desired. Today it was minus 3, tomorrow is likely to be the same and my internet weather station has bright yellow suns for every day next week with correspondingly sub zero figures. Wind chill is reckoned to be colder still at minus 8, so it will be cheerfully bright but miserably cold...ho hum. I'll keep you posted! The photo above is a pleasant reminder of the last occasion.


  1. now that is cold. a picture shows sun, which makes me think of warm temps...but...shivering thinking about it. At least the winter work will by dry.


  2. Sorry i can't help mama, but i'm sure Craig will be a cheerful addition!

  3. Hi Val,
    I remember the slipway photos. I can't believe it was that long ago.


  4. I remember when Luxor was on the slipway last. Koos did a post about it.

    Just be glad it won't be -32 degrees...

  5. Eugene said minus 8 would be great...


  6. Grace, Dale, Anne Marie and Mo, thanks so much for your empathy and sympathy, but it's no longer needed! Our week on the slipway has been cancelled because of the cold....

    Yes, Dale, it has! You will probably think we are all a bunch of wimps over, and you are right when we compare what we think of as cold to your -32 degrees (shudder), but there is a safety issue involved too. The helling work area is normally very wet, so now it will be just like sheet ice, so working there will be hazardous at best, quite dangerous at worst. It's probably for the best in this case, as neither Koos nor I are getting any younger ;-P

    Quite apart from that, I expect Mo and Craig will be quite relieved too (won't you Mo?) as a ship out of the water in winter is a much colder place than when it's sitting in water that is never below zero!

    We can always tell ourselves we're doing them a favour ;-)

  7. hmmmm yes...I see my powers of mind manipulation have worked nicely mwhahaha haha

  8. HEY !
    All the best in New Year 2009 for You and Your Koosje ;)
    He recommended to me Your blog. I am going to read it all.

  9. Hi Val,

    Slipway or no, I wish you all the best for a new year filled with smooth sailing, good health and great company. It's been great sharing experiences out here on the Endless Wire.


  10. It's almost 2009 where you are. You'll be there a few steps before me. My Best wishes for a good year for you and Koos.

    be well,

  11. Thanks so much to Alexander, Chris and Paul for your good year wishes. They come much appreciated! Despite the apparently upbeat and eventful year we've had, there have been some difficult periods amongst them, so I'm hoping 2009 will be weighted in favour of ups rather downs altogether.

    All my very best to you all, and thank you so much for being at the other end of the cyberline. xxx Val

  12. Happy New Year Darling! To Koos and all your loved ones as well.

    All my best,

  13. A happy New Year from me to all VallyP's contacts as well!!!!

  14. It's freezing here too, with ice on the water, but I have a feeling that 2009 will be a good year. Thank you so much for all your comments in 2008 and we hope that 2009 will be a great year for you.

    Neil and Kath on Herbie

  15. Happy New Year Val, and Koos! and Sindy too....

  16. Happy New Year Dear Val (and Sindy). Hope it was a good one and that 2009 brings wonderful things to your lives.


  17. Cheryl Ann, thanks so much! Even more of the same to you dear.xx

    Neil, Grace and Lesley, all my very very best to you too, and I'll be popping over to yours as well for an NY's visit! xx


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