Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vlotburg - the Floating Castle

It could only happen in Holland, couldn't it? There I was, taking Sin for her first constitutional of the day, when my morning blur was interrupted (if not invaded and assaulted) by an incredible sight. There, against the quay of a familiar harbour, lay a fully fledged medieval castle. Not built deep in granite, as one normally expects to see, but erected on an apparently stone hull, and rocking with the current on the incoming tide.

Sindy and I stopped to inspect this marvel which had literally risen up (or floated in) overnight, and sure enough, our eyes were not deceived. We were not in phase two of our sleep cycle, and we were definitely not dreaming. A castle it was, complete with ramparts and fully armoured soldiers keeping watch. On closer inspection, it proclaimed itself. It is named the Vlotburg, and is apparently a floating museum. So far I have no idea what its purpose is, although I mean to find out; nor do I know what it is doing in a normally quiet harbour out of the usual tourist circuit, but no doubt all will soon be revealed. If so, and as and when, I shall keep you posted!

The Vlotburg from its bows

An armour plated sentry keeps guard - somehow I don't think he moves a lot!

A close up of the 'stone' rudder

Once again, photos courtesy of my phone, so apologies for the poor quality, but as I said before, this could surely only happen in the Netherlands!


  1. That is amazing!! would never see that here, did you see any floating Knights in armour too, or soggy damsels in distress?-lol

    BTW- good news on Chantelles blog

  2. First things first, that's terrific news on Chantelle's blog! You must all be very excited, Gyspy!

    As for gloating knights, they'd probably sink with all that armour and take the damsels in distress with them..when they would of course be very soggy ;-)

    Lovely to see you here again wee one. Think of you often and hope you are well and happy xxx

  3. LOL !
    What else can I say... :)

  4. Well, Hans, I surely don't know either!

  5. I think it would make a great school trip for little ones!


  6. It would, wouldn't it Anne Marie. In fact we walked past it again later, and saw that it was open to the public, claiming to take visitors on a journey through medieval history. What astonished me even more was that they had a horse on board too!

    So there you are Grace. That's what it is!

  7. Val, that is too funny!
    I love the "stonework" and was that guy on top real?


  8. Hi folks
    really enjoy reading your blog, Hope you dont mind but I've posted a link to it on mine.

    Keep it up


  9. Hi Val,

    what funny pics.
    I'm back, but away very soon, because we three will have a trip to London. First with the car to Calais (crossing your and Koos country) and then with the ferry to Dover. I must see the english cost from the seaside every time I go to England. We will stay one week in London (a hotel in Kensingon). The first night I booked B & B in Kent on an old farm.

    I will write more, if we are back.

    Have a great time.


  10. Hi Val.
    I visited Saltysplash's blog. You might like it.

    New Post Warning...

  11. Well well...medieval castles floating about. Such is life. :-)


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