Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Vereeniging's new look interior walls

My 'office' - just ignore the usual clutter and look at the new panelling - sans paint still, but nothing's finished yet!

Still a window frame to make, and yes, that is Koos and Sindy in their favourite spots! Sorry about the fuzzy bits. Must have had a wobbly hand with this one!

And from the other direction

Overall, I've lost about 15 centimetres width due to the amount of insulation I've put between the panelling and the steel, but it doesn't feel too different. There is a sense of reduced 'volume' though. You can see the difference if you look at the section in the kitchen which still has its old panel sitting there. There's going to be a window in that one place, so no steel and no new panelling there yet, so that is still at the old width.


  1. Val, it looks fabulous! You are like a wonderwoman, working, writing, and renovating. Where do you find all this energy? I'm in school 4 days only, and I'm pooped.


  2. Val! I love it! I want to live there!
    It looks so homey and cosy, especially with Koos and Sindy both curled up on the couch.
    Your office has that "lived-in" look and, well it should, with your laptop at hand along with your reading material and Fix All at the ready.
    I am amazed at the amount of light that comes in from beyond your kitchen area, too.

    Where do you descend from top deck?

    Alas, these days I fall quite short from being the Wonder Woman you are, but maybe I could make up for it by camping in the cold and rain/snow on a mountainside in the Rockies!

  3. LOL Anne Marie, wonderwoman indeed. I have to confess the energy is wearing a bit thin, but then when I think of you, I often wonder how you manage to fit so much into a maybe the wonderwoman streak comes from you in the first place!

    Dale, I'm so glad you like it!. I love my new look, even though I've got all the finishing and painting still to do. How do I get in? Down a seriously, there's a step ladder just to the right of the sofa that Koos and Sin are sitting on. It leads out onto the foredeck! Quite simple really ;)

  4. OOh!, it looks tres cosy!.
    You have done a great job!..xx..

  5. It looks great, Val. I think those tiles with knobs are just a brilliant touch; but I still think the best addition to the boat is/was the mosquito tennis raquet!!! Where DID you get it from?

  6. Thanks Gypsy..we're still waiting for you and Neil to come and month, next year, next decade, next.....

    Hey Chris! Now I know what to get you for crimble...haha..a pair of mozzie racquets! They're quite the thing over here, you know. If you have one for each hand, you can swat enough mozzies to make mozzerella cheese..okay..everybody GROAN!

  7. You must have a very good friend in Marion. She sees what we all see.


  8. Dale, yes, Marion is a good friend, but it took me a while to figure out how you knew that. Then I remembered the photo...

    My friend went to live in Spain last year, and she gave me, and all her other teaching friends here, those little blackboards with a personal message. I'll show you what's on the other side sometime. Talk about being creative!

  9. Here is
    Marion's photostream on Flickr, with images from Spain around where she lives.

  10. It really is fabulously cosy looking. You are so very talented dear lady! lots of smiles and hugs coming from me to you.

  11. Koos, thanks for the link to a spectacular tour of Spain!
    Marion's photos are fabulous!


  12. Hi Val,

    I read this post awhile ago and have kept coming back to it - looking for a moment when I really could respond to it appropriately.

    These pictures and the one of your house are wonderful. They show all the hard work and love that you're putting into your homes. I'm just getting exhausted reading all about it and seeing the results it. You obviously are a real "go getter" with some amazing projects on the go. (Perhaps AM - put it more appropriately - as "wonder woman")

    Perhaps I can get more inspiration from you as I have a whole line up of projects to do this fall and winter on the house (budget permitting). My energy waned this summer and I had to put things aside for a while. Alas, that is what my upcoming vacation will be about - recharging those old batteries.


  13. It looks fantastic Val. :) So roomy. so orderly.

    have a good weekend.

  14. Wow! I have no words! You've done an incredible job on your barge! It looks so great - very homey. And that extra insulation will be a blessing when the winter winds blow. Isn't it amazing what you can accomplish when you're motivated?

    The cottage is looking fabulous as well.

    I'm so happy for you that Momo will be living nearby for a time. You'll have so much fun getting her set up in her new place, you know - shopping, having lunch, and all those fun mother/daughter things. Enjoy!!

    Things are good here, but no job yet. I had a couple of good interviews last week, but there seem to be an awful lot of other people after MY job. :(

    Gotta go. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Maybe I'll get on the ball and post something new in the next few days!

    Love and hugs,

  15. hi all, many thanks for your kind words and great to see you Rache. I'm on my way with Koos to Zeeland on the Hennie H at the moment so am doing this on my mobile phone! will report back as soon as we are safely there. love to you all. Val xx

  16. Hi Val,

    I love your pics from the boat. It's very beautiful. Today I worked in my garden, we have such fantastic weather in Kassel since days. Hope it's the same in Dutch country.

    Have a good weekened.

    Love Stefan

  17. Vally, she looks beautiful - 15 cm seems a lot to lose in such a small space, but I'd happily trade it for the added warmth you'll get with the insulation. I love the pic of your desk too - it says so much about you. And that's a very fine looking ukelele.

    So the Hennie H is at least trip-worthy? I still hope you can find the energy, time and wherewithal to do what needs to be done with her. She is sch a sweet little thing, and practical for travelling too, being smaller than the barge.

    And is Maryssa with you yet? I'm confused with the dates. Is she living in Rotterdam for just a while with a project, or relocating, or holidaying?

    Anyway, I must run away and do the things I should be doing this morning - just had to say hello first. I'm sorry to have been so lax around these parts of late. I've missed you!

    Love to Koos and Sindy too. x

  18. I'm rate late in saying this (what's new?) but I do say this all looks wonderfully cosy and comfortable! I kind of like limited spaces in that they are easier to make comfortable, and you have certainly made wonderful use of the space here. Curiosity: who took the photo on the table in one of the photos, the one that looks like black and white of the harbour? Could be colour, just a rainy, foggy day.

  19. Margie! So happy to see you back. Well, if you've read my next post, you'll see that the Hennie H has relocated, but then so has Maryssa. Yes, she is staying here until she finds a job, and then a flat. It's wonderful to have her around and she's being very brave about being apart from her Craig. I'm glad you like the developments on the Vereeniging though. It's far from finished yet, but I am very happy with the changes so far.

    Maria, great to see you too. Yes, small spaces challenge one's creativity for dealing with limited capacity don't they? That photo is one I took just before we moved out of the harbour last year when the wall was re-built. Koos and I were the last to leave, so it is quite special. It will be a long long time before anyone sees it so empty again.


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