Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Break at last

These past weeks have been crazy. Since my last post, I've been working against the clock to re-build the interior of my barge, much of which had to be dismantled for the new steel sides to be welded on.

The problem was that the green wooden panels formed my 'walls' before, both inner and outer, but with the new steel, I've had to add insulation and timber on the inside, and then put the old panels back on the outside of the steel. I know I should have taken photos, but I've just been too tired to even think of that. I wish I had though, as it all looks very nice now. I've used tongue and groove pine planking over 5cm thick insulation, which gives it a rather different look and feel inside. I have, however, kept the separators between the panels so it still feels quite familiar, and I still have the continuous line from the floor and up the walls and over the ceiling, which I've always liked.

On the exterior, it all looks exactly the same as my dear friend Alex kindly and nobly painted the green panels for me and Koos and I put them pack into place yesterday. The outside appearance is of course what is important as far as its historic image goes, so as long as that looks the same, no one is going to complain. For my part, though, the barge is now stronger, more weather proof and will be able to take the waves on the river without letting water in. As we say in the boating world "water outside boat:very good. Water inside:BAD!!"

We are down in Westdorpe now for a much needed break. While I was busy with my re-building project, Koos was hard at work on the Henny H. Sadly, there has been one problem after another with its engine and technical apparatus. Somewhat soul destroying for poor Koos - and Bruce, who has been helping him. Just as they thought they'd got the last thing fixed, something else has cropped up to cause further delays, so we decided to cut and run for at least the next week to ten days to give ourselves some respite.

Hoping you are all enjoying your summer/winter whichever side of the line you happen to live on. Love from us here in cloggieland.


  1. Hi Val,

    I hope, though, that the hard work on the barge has been satisfying in allowing you to see the results of your work right there before you.

    Enjoy your break! Hopefully it'll give you plenty of refreshment and rejuvenation.

  2. Thanks Maria. It is satisfying indeed, but the break is very welcome. Now for some writing and photo time ;-)

  3. Hi Val!
    It sounds like you've been kept very busy! Never a dull moment in the harbour, by the sounds of it.
    Your boat must be beautiful. Was it a bit heart-breaking to see it dismantled before being put back together?
    Faster, higher, stronger...

    I've had a busy summer, as well, but mine has been more about keeping my own head above water.
    Changes are in the wind and I'm looking forward to a new focus and different pace of life.

    Please take photos of the finished project for us!


  4. Hi Val,

    barge work is never done!! You guys work so hard. It will be beautiful.


  5. Hi Val,
    I hope things lighten up a bit for Koos- it must be so disheartening.

    Enjoy your break and I'll look forward to some more stories. I've only managed one new chapter myself- having too good a time here, apparently. We're heading home slowly over the next four days, and I'm looking forward to some cat hugs, a big dog lick, and most important of all, a bubble bath!


  6. Hi Val!

    Wow, you have been busy! I'm so glad you have the Vereeniging put back together. Would love to see photos of the end result.

    It is too bad about the problems with the new barge. I'm sure Koos and Bruce will have her shipshape very soon.

    Enjoy your break, and when you need a good laugh, stop by!


  7. Dale, yes, it was hard to see things coming apart before I started the re-building. The thing is you always imagine the work going so easily, but of course it's much more effort in reality! I'll take some pics soon, I promise, but am away at the little house at the moment...where we're busy with painting there as well...well, we are having something of a break too ;-)

    Grace, I do hope it'll be beautiful. It should do, shouldn't it?

    Anne Marie, yes, Koos and Bruce have been a bit despondent, but the break is certainly doing Koos good. Arie has also been quite busy since I came away, so yes, there are more stories there for you to read when you're home and relaxing in that bubble bath.

    Rache, thanks dear, I hope things will be shipshape again soon too, and I've already had a really good chuckle over your video. That certainly was a most tenacious creature ;-)

  8. Oh it will be Val. You will see your rewards when it is all finished. and you are working on your other place too! wow!

  9. Thanks Grace. I know I should have done another post now, as we've had a busy week here in Zeeland too, but I've been concentrating on my writing, so other posts have been put on the back burner.

    I promise I'll update you all soon soon. By the way, have you noticed that Gypsy has left us again ;-(


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