Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My angle on Koos's big six oh

Well this was Koos's face when he opened up the package with his new lens inside. I think it's just precious - okay maybe a tad theatrical - but that's what makes it special. He really was chuffed with it though.

We had a proper Dutch birthday party - yes we did - all in a circle, but with umbrellas. Well, we had to be a bit different now, didn't we?
The two ladies sitting on either side of Koos are his sisters, Kobie and Rikki, and a very sweet pair they are too.

Jodie looking pensive in the rain. The other girl is the partner of Koos's son Sanne

Then when all was said and done and the food demolished and the drinking started, we got out instruments out.

I'll publish some more on Picasa soon, but this just shows a good time was had by all


  1. Hi Val,

    I love the expression!
    Oh, so very Koos! (Although I have yet to meet him in person...)

    Your photos indeed convey all the fun and cameraderie at Koos' birthday party. And LOL at the birthday circle! Was it more of an oblong, being that you had to fit it onto the deck of a barge?

    Thanks so much for sharing Koos' big day with us!

    I feel bad that I haven't been around all that much lately. So much has been going on and, even the day-to-day leaves me with little time.
    But I do lurk - and read.

    As a footnote, I am looking so forward to the day we can all meet in person!

  2. Of course they are all in a circle! What wonderful photos, Val.

  3. Hi Val,

    A wonderful Birthday party. I too love Koos expression.

    Oh, I am so jealous of your rain. thanks for sharing a special day. Where was Sindy?

    take care, xo

  4. Lovely photos Vally - especially the one of Koos. Did he know he was getting such a precious gift?

    The circle still makes me giggle - it's so very formal, and the antithesis of what would be considered a birthday celebration here, where we tend to be rather less formal. I can identify with the umbrellas though! It's very wet here at the moment, although as ever, the unwillingness of the rain to fall over the reservoirs and catchments is frustrating and perverse.

    One other question though - what did you play to celebrate the occasion?

  5. hey mamalama 'm sure Koos' eyes practically popped. What a lucky fella he is to have you as his lady.
    Where were Barry Sanne and Kasper?
    Love ya

  6. Yes, Dale, I too am looking forward to meeting you too! Koos's birthday was a real circle because we all sat on his rather small back deck which is almost precisely a square. Funnily enough, with the nonsense of sitting in the rain under umbrellas, and everyone being so tolerant about it, this was probably the nicest part of the party!

    Thanks to you Anne Marie and to Grace. I've never enjoyed a Dutch birthday so much, but of course, that was as it should be since it was Koos's.

    Margie! How lovely to see you back again. I do hope you are better now? By the time we got to this stage, yes, Koos did know what he was getting as a number of people had contributed and we all had to sign the card- secretly of course. He was absolutely thrilled, so the pleasure was genuine, even if the surprise was a little beefed up. What did we play? Well, things like the Skye Boat song and Auld Langs Zyne and old celtic stuff that we all know.

    Momo!, Glad to see you peeking in pet. I'll email you soon and we can start making 'the plans'!

  7. Haha! I can still play the Skye Boat Song on the recorder. lucky for you I wasn't there.

    The lens was a lovely and very appropriate present, and I'm glad several special people had a hand in it.

    I was sorry to her about your toubles with Hennie though. I recall how the thin-spots-in-the-hull thing prompted some serious finger-crossing when you last had your Vereeniging on the slips. It sounds expensive and very labour intensive. As for engine works - shudder. What a shame after all your excitement. I am wishing or a series of minor miracles for you so it it all works out and you can happily keep her.

    Love and lots of it, M x

    Amd yes, thanks, all is well with me. I felt really "normnal' for the first time yesterday, and today had my first drive. It's all uphill from here.

  8. you have been one busy lady darlin Val. Happy belated wishes Koos. looks like a nice celebration and a joyus time to have.
    Hugs & wuv to you both

  9. What a lovely post. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and I love the way you guys do it over there. ... and Koos looks as wonderful as ever.

    On the topic of circles ... a certain song comes to mind "May the circle be unbroken".

    I too am looking forward to being able to meet you. There is an outside chance I'll be on your continent next summer.

  10. That is a SUPERB picture of Koos!

  11. Margie, you're welcome to come and play the Skye Boat song with us anytime. I'm sure the recorder would sound just wonderful as part of the medley, and with all of us making such a racket - as we do, no one will notice if you play the odd wrong note...Thank you dear Marige, for your sympathy with the Hennie H. It has caused a few sleepless nights over here. Still, more importantly, you are well now, but about feeling 'normal'...is such a thing possible?

    Lesley, so nice to see you again, and thanks for the compliment on Koos's behalf. He is most decidedly chuffed to be told he looks wonderful!

    Cheryl, thank you, sweetheart. We did have a rarin good time!

    And James!!!!! How absolutely FABULOUS to see you here. Muchos gracias!! Please come back again soon again and let me know what you're doing. I have been sadly neglecting your music site, but must investigate and see what gems of creation you have published recently. Your songs are still in my favourites list on iTunes.

  12. 60 is the "new 40" right? By the look on Koos' face it may just be the "new 20!"

    I send Koos many Birth Day Salutations!

    Hi Val!

    Have been out of the loop with blogging recently. I'm back now & haven't forgotten you!

  13. Belated Birthday greetings for Koos!

  14. Haha Vally:

    "about feeling 'normal'...is such a thing possible?"

    Obviously not. I couldn't even spell it.

  15. Ed, you're right about that...Koos gets younger very day, so next thing it'll be 70's the new 30..lol Nice to see you back. I've popped over to yours recently too.

    Hans, thanks! I've passed them on. I owe you a visit too, my goodness. I'm so behind these days...I haven't even looked at my Skipper's Child blog in weeks. That's the trouble with boats. In the summer, it's all work, and free time can be kissed goodbye till the winter.

    And no, Margie...heaven forbid that you should be normal. I'd hate it if you did that to me.

  16. Oh so much has happened since I've been out of touch with Blogland!

    I've just come from Graafjansdijk and left a post there. I read the happy news about Verneeniging's engine, but now it seems there is a problem with the Hennie? I hope it's not too serious.

    Belated Very Happy Birthday to Koos. He does look great! I seem to be seeing more photos of him looking happy lately...and the photo of him with Sindy on one of your earlier posts is absolutely precious! He's blowing his image completely! lol


    Oh, and P.S. I love your profile photo, too. You look wonderful yourself!

  17. Lovely!
    And happy belated Koos... sorry I have been so absent of late and missed the actual day...
    Val... I love that you share these moments with me! And a new lens... well I would have been a tad theatrical myself! lol!

  18. Hey - looks like I'm not the only one being a bit slack in blogland! I feel better now, and will make a quick dash around the traps to see who else has a life that's getting in the way of cyberlove.

    M x

  19. I'm stopping by to pass ouy some love & hugs......



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