Monday, July 28, 2008

Koop een boot, werk je dood

An evening shot of the Hennie H as it is now, and I mean this evening. It's hard to see but the top part of the hull is dark green

Loosely translated this means that when you buy a boat you're likely to work yourself to death...and we have three. Oh my! These last few weeks have been taken up almost exclusively by work on the new barge, and my Vereeniging too. The pictures below show a glimpse of what we've been up to.

These two photos are of the Hennie H on the slipway. The result of this inspection has been a month of hard graft, repairing the steel, painting the bottom and re-fitting the engine room which was such a disaster, the Insurance Inspector nearly cried. The little barge is also now a completely different colour, but I'll take some pics of it tomorrow when I've done some more painting.

These two photos were taken this last week when Philip (of Watery Ways fame) welded steel plates behind my wooden panels on the Vereeniging. It was a big job but with Koos and I helping him with the preparation and fire protection, he did it all in three I have to re-build my interior.... ah me!


  1. Lots of work with a boat, huh Val?!

    You guys will make it look fabulous.

  2. Oh my, but you have been busy. No lazy summer days for you. Does the Hennie get to stay in the historic harbour with you, and if you, where is it moored? I do remember a rather crowded place...

    We are off to the Atlantic provinces in a few days for three weeks in a touring RV with Austin's parents. I am looking forward to travelling once again, although it's been a gorgeous summer so far (albeit a bit wet for some!) and we loved having our usual July house-guests.


  3. Oh this brings back memories of boat inspections, repairs and the lovely days I had on the Thousand Island waterways. I can certainly appreciate all the hard work you're doing!

  4. Ahh nooo!, I hope you get Hennie in ship shape and bristol fashion!..

    You all look hard at work there and it looks hot..

    Sorry Vallypee, but i just had to giggle when i read this..

    quote-now I have to re-build my interior.... ah me!


  5. Hi Val! I'm not lost...yet.
    I've just been very busy with work and taking photos to post on my blog.
    I can't wait to share with all of you the fun we've been having this summer.

    I love the photo of Koos "helping" Philip...

  6. Koops, boots and doods...

    Trust the Dutch.

    I have now idea what that means!

  7. hehe, you are right the girls are permanently on a vacation!!! beach, beach, beach, what is a Brittany to do!! lol

  8. Well I've already rebuilt my interior! Very well too, according to my doctor this afternoon. (Too much information, Marg.)

    Vally, this is a huge undertaking, But my, doesn't she look beautiful in her new livery? I just love that deep, dark green.

    The hull is a really interesting shape, which I've only noticed now I see her on the slipway.

    I hope you now have a little time to relax, but I doubt it if she's still in slips - it's hard to book the time, I know.

    Nice to see the famous Philip getting in on the action - and fancy moving an insurance inspector to tears - well done you!

  9. hey mama it looks like you have been working yourself very hard, but little do the ducth know, hard work seems to make you thrive, i mean can you ever just take a day off! :-) Hennie H looks amazing in her slinky black number, much better than the white. EEEEk sounds like the inspector gave you a long list to tick. I can't wait to see it all. ticket booked for 8 september yey!!!!
    Love you

  10. Well, I've been slacking on my blog again, so please forgive me for not responding sooner. So many questions to answer, so here goes...

    Grace, yes, there's always lots of work with a boat, but we never seem to learn and having taken on another one, I sometimes wonder about my sanity!

    Anne Marie, with a boat, the summer days are never lazy, and no the Hennie won't be staying in the historic harbour as it's not original enough, and has been altered too much with too many modern features, not least of which are the windows, which we also think are a bit horrid, but it's far too much work to change them now and anyway, the light inside is great! Have a wonderful trip east, dear!

    Lesley, nice to know it brings back some memories. Do you feel like coming to give a hand just for old time's sake?

    Gypsy, my interior will need even more re-building than the Vereeniging's soon...ouch...all that muscle I'll have time to make Argie Bargie as beautiful as the Hennie is looking now!

    Dale, koop means buy, boot is boat (of course!) and dood means dead....dus..or thus, buy a boat and work yourself dead. If you pronounce the words the Dutch way, it sounds like "cope a boat and work ya doat" Good huh? Looking forward to hearing about your fun in the sun over there my friend.

    Margie, one of the harbour folk said that I just can't help being English with my boat colours. Dark green and red are the traditional colours of English Narrow boats, and it just so happens both the Hennie and the Vereeniging are...dark green and red. The point is that the Vereeniging is still in its original colours so I haven't done anything English to it at all! Philip was a star, as always. He is going off travelling in a couple of weeks, and maybe be away for a year, so we'll miss him a lot.

    Momo my sweets, we are working like crazy to get things done so we can at least have some holiday this year, but everything's taking longer than we usual. I just hope I can get that shower into Koos's shippy before you arrive....can't wait to see you - it's only a few weeks now! xxxx

  11. Don't stress yourself mamalama there is always the shower on the heling XXX Have a break!!!! love you

  12. Lycky me who's only got a small dinghy... :)
    Anyway, painting can be fun if you paint in company with the one you love. Ingela and me repainted and redecorated the whole interior of our summer house this summer. Great fun it was.

  13. Vally I'd never thought about the Englishness of your colour scheme before, but of course, it has narrow boat (and gypsy caravan?) written all over it.You can take the girl out of England ...

  14. HI Val, my best to you, Koos, and Sindy, how is she doing these days?
    I am so enjoying the Olympics :)


  15. Val, She's beautiful! I love the colors too. I'm so glad you were able to get her back shipshape!

    Good luck rebuilding your interior. Remodeling (in one form or another lol, Margie) appears to be keeping many of us busy these days. Hayley & I are painting my mom's kitchen this week.

    I've a phone interview in the am, for a position I would love to land (cross your fingers!) then we're off to tape and paint as we spent today cleaning and prepping. I'm surprisingly sore in the oddest places!!!

    Take care, Val and best to Koos, too!

    Love & hugs

  16. Val, I keep meaning to say this, but it's a long time since I visited to see what Arie is up to. I shall make time for him on Thursday, and curl up with him in a corner somewhere. (I still like reading from the printed page - what a Luddite!). I am hoping for at least two or three more chapters since I last checked in, so you've got a whole day to get up to speed.

  17. I think a person needs to have passions, and yours and Koos' is clearly the barges. And I'm sure the work that goes into it is done happily when the motivation is there.

    Is this the start of a barge collection? :-)

  18. Hi Val,
    It's raining heavily and we've just settled in on Cape Breton Island on the eastern tip of Nova Scotia. they have wifi and I'm just catching up on everyone's blog before e go out for dinner. I hope you're enjoying the summer and not working too hard.
    I've done a bit of writing between the whale watching and nature hikes and will try to upload to my other blog in the next few days (the novel is on an external hard drive somewhere and it's all too complicated for a holiday girl!) I have fantastic pictures to share once I get home, including a close meeting with the majestic humpback whale and some gorgeous shots of the aves crashing at Peggy's Cove. I didn't realise quite how gorgeous my country was until we headed this way.

    Say hi to Koos!



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