Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Vereeniging sails again

Yesterday was a perfect day. Not only did I have a visit from two old friends who I hadn't seen since we were all at university together, but we also took the Vereeniging out for a test run for the first time in more than a year and a half. It was magic to feel my little barge moving through the water again, and the rhythmic throb of the marvellous old Samofa engine that it now has was music to my ears. The picture of Koos at the wheel captures the sense of pride he also felt at being instrumental in its revival, and of course, this is where he belongs!

Click on this link to see a few more pictures of the Vereeniging's first outing.

And now there are some more, courtesy of a harbour friend who took these

The fellow passengers were: Bruce and Jan (who are our music friends), Bob and Carol (who I was at college with and shared a house with too) and their daughter, Ali (the pretty blonde)


  1. Oh Val, I could see Koos' pride as soon as I saw the photo! What would you do without him? I'm sure you would get by, but what a great thing that he's such a wise and knowledgeable skipper!

    The views are quite amazing - I cannot imagine (until now) cruising upon the water through a city! I always considered that something one did in a rural area.

    You are fortunate, indeed, to be surrounded by such good and caring friends.

    PS I left a note on your previous blog, too.

  2. Dale,
    If Europe is out of reach, you can cruise through a city that is within reach: Chicago!

  3. Captain Koos at the helm! What a great photo.


  4. Great photos. It brings back fond memories and a certain envy. Mmm...Euro 2009, me thinks.


  5. And your sign is Fab!

    Uneven is the new even...

  6. Hi Val,

    you have a couple of times about my sister-in-law. Well, she met with her surgeon, and he wanted her to get an MRI at a breast imaging specialist before the surgery, and she is putting it off. It is a couple of hours away at UCLA, and I have spoken with my brother and she , I believe is in denial, she keeps saying I can't take off work, can't miss work, it's far to drive. So I don't know, and he has tried his best, but I guess when she is ready to deal with it, she will. I don't understand, something like that would have me taking care of it. But we all handle things differently I suppose. But thnks for asking and caring. I will see them both the end of July, so in person I will talk with her more.

  7. It's a great picture of Koos on the boat. I'm so glad to see that you're out and about again on the water. One of these days I'll have to visit you!

  8. Hi Val,
    A little late but this is the "best" news i've heard in years.
    Sorry for being absent so long...


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