Wednesday, April 02, 2008

HE'S OUT!!!! OR AT LEAST I think he is......

I have just heard on the news that Robert Mugabe has been defeated in Zimbabwe....if this is really true, it is absolutely GREAT news!!!!


  1. I recognise the name and know there is a certain controversy regarding him, but alas, I am a wee bit out of the loop... not to mention not quite up-to-date on my African politics.

    Although, I know that the whole African continent is, quite literally, up in arms about many things.

    I hope this is a good thing!

  2. Vally, I've also heard very promising reports to this effect, and I hope to goodness they're true. The last thing I heard this morning was that he has officially failed to win a majority, and his advisors and the Opposition are encouraging him to step aside gracefully (!).

    Yesterday someone on the radio was saying Mugabe might go to live in Malaysia, where apparently he has family. If ever there was a retirement to be hoped for ...

  3. Oh, and as for your last post, my goodness what a doll she was as a pup. No wonder she blossomed into such a fine looking lady. I'm so sorry to hear about her arthritis. I know some breeds are particularly susceptible, but I've no idea which ones. Hope the treatment keeps the worst of it at bay.

    They're lovely photos all round. Mads emailed me a photo or two of James' little dogs which I might put up in return. I often feel so inadequate here not having a dog of my own to share!

  4. If it's true, it certainly is good news.

    Since even his own advisors are encouraging him to stop aside gracefully, I hope it means he wouldn't find any support if he tried to stay in power by force.

  5. Dale, Robert Mugabe is one of the world's worst. It will be a hugely memorable day if he is ousted by democratic means, and will give hope to all Zimbabweans. They are a wonderful people, and have suffered too much and too long under this diabolical man.

    Margie, he has to retire, he just has to! It is almost nail biting waiting to find out what is going to happen.

    Maria, I do so hope you are right. I have many friends in South Africa, both black and white, who are Zimbabweans just waiting to go home. If he goes, they will feel safe to go back without persecution.

  6. Vally, I'm so very glad to hear you have friends wanting to go home. I heard an aid worker on that same programme yesterday saying things had been so terrible for many people that she didn't believe they would ever feel safe to go back. For the effects of such evil to last even beyond his power in this way would be too awful. To go back home in safety and reclaim one's country is such a powerful thing, but of course it must take enormous emotional courage.

  7. It makes one sad that these horrible people manage to get into power in the first place...

    Although, it's just that, I think - Power.

  8. MDC won parliamentary election, there is still no official word on the presidential vote but we all hope bob is out!

  9. Margie, my friend Moira is a Zimbabwean and I know she will never go back, but some of her family would love to, and she herself employs two Zimbabweans who would both love to go home. Zim is a beautiful country with warm and generous people. I really hope for their hope!

    Momo, I guess everyone in SA is holding breath to see what happens. The economy in SA also has much riding on this too.

  10. Dale, yes, "power corrupts and absolute power corru[s absolutely"

  11. News not so good this morning - it looks as if he may be going to fight for the Presdential vote. From this morning's paper:

    "Mugabe's ruling Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front has indicated it is gearing for a second round run-off and has called a meeting of its politburo on Friday to discuss the election outcome."

    And they've started to arrest foreign journalsists - two so far, ostensibly for not being accredited. I'm watching and hoping.

  12. Well, Margie, I fear you are right and things are not all that rosy. It seems that he is going to fight to the last, if the BBC reports are anything to go by. I hope these new arrests are not part of a plan to undermine people's confidence and make them give up the drive for change. I am worried that Mugabe will retain hold after all through sheer brutal dominance.

  13. first off I would like to say, that Sindy as a pup is priceless!!

    unfortunatley, I am not aware of the politics of Zimbabwe, but if you think it is great, I trust your judgement.

  14. Hi Val,
    word here is that he is asking for a recount and will not go quietly into the good night. Maybe he needs a little push. Or a shove. Or a smack.



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