Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not so very early morning light

Having just commented on my last post that it is Koos who gets up to take the early morning photos, I have to confess I also took a couple this morning in the kitchen of my little house. In fact it wasn't that early - about 7.30 - but I was just struck by the light and the contrast in this one, so..here it is.


  1. Just beautiful Vally - well worth getting out of bed for! (Actually, 7.30 IS early, especially if you don't have to be anywhere in particular).

    It looks like a very special corner of your house, too.

  2. Hey Margie, just as you were putting a comment on my other blog, I was adding some pics there too! I must say I am so enjoying the house. It's lovely to have the combination of boat and cottage; they are so different and in such totally opposite locations that there's no comparison. I feel so rich with all this diversity!

  3. I see you're falling in love with the camera. Lovely shot.


  4. It should be in a gallery. Very niiice Val! You are getting good with the camera!! :)

    I am pleased to hear Sindy does not have a cancer tumor. There is wonderful medicine for arthritis. Rimydal(sp?) is what my last Brittany was on, and it helped her run and jump and do all sorts of playing. Can they remove the lump on her to make her more comfortable? Not always an option if not necessary, but if it will help...?

  5. Val, when you wrote "your house", I was thinking that it was your barge...and I was under the impression that your barge was far less roomy.

    But, you said your "house". Let me get it straight. DUH...

    It's such a neat shot of light, shadow and a bit of you!
    I am soooooo looking forward to meeting you.

    But...will we all fit in either one of your abodes?

  6. I am so sorry to hear about Sin Bin's arthritis.
    I hope it is manageable, but I guess it's one of those things about ageing.

    Give her a gentle, but well rounded hug from me.
    Oh, and one for you and Koos, too!

  7. BTW, you did get up late...

  8. Hi Dale, yes, I have to confess to being a 'two home' owner now! Do you remember a couple of years ago, I bought a flat to save for my pension (not having one here)? Well, after doing it all up and using it as a 'hotel' for family and friends, I realised it was costing me more than it was saving as I found I couldn't live in a flat, after my boat. Sooooo, I sold the flat, and bought this little house instead which is in a country village in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, right in the South. It was cheaper than the flat, is free standing, has a super garder, and is sooooo much more me. No choice really! I LOVE IT!!

    Thanks for the well wishes for Sin. Actually with her, it's been an ongoing thing since she was a puppy, but it's just really accelerated now. She's been on meds for it since she was a year ol. Hard for a young dog, and she's still not old at 6. She sends you lots of luv and lix too ;-)

  9. Val, I do remember when you bought your flat and I was sad because I thought you'd be leaving your barge. I agree, this is very much more you!
    Nothing better than a wee house with a garden!

  10. I really like how you've captured the light and all it's variations here - how it is reflected on the shiny surface of the table with the gentle gradient of colours, how the back wall is divided by the light to two triangles of different tones...


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