Thursday, November 22, 2007

The flavour of a flat country

Just a taste of Holland to leave you with while I'm away. Endless horizons have their own beauty, don't they?


  1. There certainly is a beauty to wide horizons, along with the accompanying big skies!

    Your countryside reminds me of the Canadian prairies, where I lived for several years.
    That includes the cows, the fences and the aircraft vapour trail - all with the a distinct absence of trees.

    But, of course, ocean vistas were not a part of those dryland farming scenes...

  2. Hey there!

    I am remembering about flat land...

    I haved always lived in Southern California, and when it is smoggy and all dirty-aired, it can be difficult to see our large and very nearby mountains, though they be but a stick throw away. As I remember on trips to Louisiana, I would look off into the distance and found that I was missing something. What was it? I know there should be...mountains, higher ground, or...hills maybe? Nope, not in that part of the way! That my friend, is swamp country...home of alligators, water moccasins and ten or twenty times ten or twenty thousand flittering and crawling creepy things. So...

    ...I got the unbalancing feeling that it was smog and dirty air, not a flat topography that was depriving me of a "view". I was quirked by that for a while, you know? Just a thing with me, never you mind.

    I am sure Holland is nice. The world t'aint so bad.

    By the way, I announced early on our Thanksgiving Day here, that it was going to be a "Quadrophenia Thangsgiving". It began with disc One, from Quad. Do you know what happened later? of my kids put on AOL Radio while dinner feastivities were drooling on, and whaddaya think was wafting from the speakers?...Yes yes yes!...

    ..."I've Had Enough" from....Quad!

    Yes, it was a Quadrophetric Quadromonstrous day.

    Oh, and I recall the song came on a little while after the clock had struck...5:15!

    --Dan L.

  3. I get it, Dan.

    Having lived in the mountains most of my life, I know that "what's missing" feeling whilst encircled by a vast horizon.

    Beth's first trip to the prairies was when she was two.
    She had fallen asleep before we reached Calgary (in the foothills of the Rockies) and didn't wake up until we were farther east, deep into dryland farm country.
    When she awoke, she looked out the windows from her car seat and said with a touch of alarm in her voice, "I can't see!"

  4. I have a wee thing about Holland... it is about having a special needs child, as well, and it is really lovely. I will dig it up and post it for you...
    hey, where are you?

  5. I love the endless landscapes of Holland. Thanks for putting them up while you're away. Thanks for popping over to my writing blog and leaving such nice words. I am circling ideas in my head which will undoubtedly spill out onto the screen very soon.

    Tonight, we are off to a 1st anniversary dinner party in town. I can't believe it's already a year.

    Have a fantastic trip! I will be thinking of you under those African skies. With envy.

    Safe travels. And congrats to the bride and groom from us!


  6. Hope it all goes beautifully Vally, and that you enjoy the celebrations to the fullest.

    Dale, I loved your story about Beth! I do know what you and Dan mean though - it can make you feel a little agoraphobic to see an endless stretch of open space.

    They say driving across the Nullarbor Plain here is an experience never to be forgotten, but that much open, treeless desert scares the heck out of me. According to Wikipedia it's the world's largest single piece of limestone, and occupies an area of about 200,000 km² (77,200 sq miles). At its widest point, it stretches about 1,200 km from east to west. Makes Vally's pleasant green Dutch landscape look positively luxurious!

  7. aah, so beautiful Val, I visited Holland once. It's gorgeous.

    take care, xx

  8. Beautiful pictures, Val. How are things? We miss you in blogland!

  9. Beautiful pics! Wishing you good things wrapped up in huddles.

  10. Beautiful, Val...

    Holland has many, many charms, and was made what it is today because of its landscape and the determination of its people. Your (and Koos', of course) travelogues and photos have put it very high on my 'wannagothere' list.

    I do have to agree that wide horizons have their special beauty. Prairie and ocean sunsets (sunrises, too, but I can't claim to have seen so many of those:), can be multihued and fascinating for hours while the shadows fall gradually....

    ...but to me, a landscape somehow just isn't complete without hills of some kind.

    Miss you being around! Hope everything is going well where you are and that happiness rules :)


  11. Hope all is well, Val and Koos!

    Love and Hugs

  12. I love the pix. I also love The Netherlands. I'm looking forward to visiting there again sometime, but that might not be for awhile as I just bought a house (pic on my blog).


  13. This reminds me that I have to get out into the Dutch country side more.

  14. The endlessness-ness is a wonderful sight..apparently it's good exercise for the eyes to look out at long vision ranges..
    I'd rather have vast open space than closed in..
    Hope you all have a wonderful time at the wedding!..

  15. Hi Val,

    lovely pics. It's long time ago I stood in the "Niederlande". Mostly I drove with my car to England without any stop in your country.
    What a mistake.

    Hope you feel good.

    Take care

  16. Humph. An endless landscape is all very well, but last weekend we drove back from Sydney (9 or 10 hours), and on a particularly flat and desolate stretch I used one of those roadside "rest stops" (read: lavatories that make a hole in the ground an attractive proposition), and came out with a spider in my knickers. Bit me twice in the, um, upper groin before I managed to get it out. Could have been coincidence, but I spent most of the next day throwing up.

    So, while you're waxing lyrical about your beautiful, peaceful, lush Dutch landscapes, spare a thought for those whose flattest terrain is drier, wider, and infinitely more dangerous when you need a wee.

  17. hi Val it's um me it's Jean-Luc and I gots my own blog now and I went onto Sindy's blog and sed hi and I hope we can be friends even though I am a kitty and she is a doggy.... do you have kitty treats in Rotterdamn?

  18. Hi everyone
    We've just found an internet cafe in a place called Harrismith, so am checking my mails. Gypsy, so sorry about the 27 I really don't know what happened there. I wonder how many other people have had it too. Eeek! So ashamed.

    South Africa is a bit cold and miz unfortunately, so we are wrapped up in jerseys and jackets, but other thyan that, we are having a good time.

    Pics and stories when we get back for sure.

    Lots of love to you all, and we miss you too. So weird not having access to the internet for a whole week!!

  19. Hi Val!
    Oh I didn't know you were in SA.
    Hope you are enjoying your trip.

    I loved Holland, as I have told you before (I'm sure). I felt instantly at home when I visited about 7 years ago.
    I even bought a bike when I returned to the states and biked to the market instead of taking the car.

    I have an interview to teach English and reading to Middle Schoolers this Tuesday!
    Wish me luck!!

    Take care - hope all is well.

  20. Oh yes, Val!
    I heard from you several times!!

    I thought it was because you loved me so much...

    Enjoy your journey.


  21. Hi Val, miss you too. Happy Holidays to you.

  22. VAl, if you find a way to bring some small sand samples home I'll send you postage to send it my way! I collect sand... just need to know where it's from...
    Like you will have time!
    Miss you, hope you are having a wonderful time!


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