Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back to my watery ways

The summer is well and truly over, isn't it? Well it is here in the Netherlands. I'm sitting here on my barge with the heater on and wearing full winter garb. Okay, it's not so very cold, but I've been spoilt these last months with large doses of wonderful, really hot weather. And I revelled in it. So now it's back to the flatlands and I'm having to get used to the damp chill from all the water that we are constantly surrounded by - even as landlubbers. And it's been raining. A lot. Constantly. Quite honestly, I think I'd rather be a duck if this is what we've got to put up with.

This is the view tonight from my hatch. Dark, isn't it?

The neighbour's foredeck

My foredeck. About the only light is what's reflected from the
wet  stuff
All the same, it's good to be here. I've got my feet up on the sofa and just noticed my socks are covered with sawdust. Hmm, probably not the best place to put them, but hey, it's me talking and I've just had the satisfaction of building a new storage chest thingy that I'm a bit pleased with. Proper pics will follow when it's trimmed, painted and finished properly, but it felt good to be attacking some wood again. Here's a preview:

New storage space for lots of…er…stuff?
Of course, I imagined it would take me about ten minutes. Four hours later, I'd run out of wood to finish the lid, found I had to cut bits out, lift bits up and adjust the height to fit the odd shape of the hull, and generally needed to do a lot of head scratching and puzzling to make it work. As always it's an evolution rather than a design, but even so, I'm pretty chuffed with it.

So there it is. Not a very exciting post, but a kind of coming home to my my watery ways. To finish, here are a few pics I took at the weekend when we had a brief spell of sunshine. A walk along the canal always does me good.


  1. Oh heck, looks like I've got wet and cold to come back to. Thanks for the warning!

  2. Excellent work on that chest, Val, beautifully constructed. I always think wood work has a lot in common with my dressmaking - involves measurement, accuracy, design elements, and a good finish! There are lots of engineers in my family...
    The canal in sunshine looks lovely, and I really like the little twin tugs - cute :)

  3. Rain! Has it been raining. Yes, we have had some amazingly heavy bursts, absolutely throwing it down of late and fortunately with us living on a hill it soon drains away.
    Your storage unit looks good, great that you are creative and handy with tools :)

  4. Hi Val - we had a lot too .. yesterday was lovely, today gloomy and damp, but I gather we're in for an Indian Summer - so we might get some early comfortable autumnal weather .. that'd be nice! That chest is amazing - well and it's good to have storage places ... enjoy finishing it off - cheers Hilary

  5. Jo, I'm afraid so! Make the most of your beautiful time in Nepal!
    Mel, I think we're all suffering from "it's nice weather for ducks"! Merci du compliment. I love making stuff :)
    Patrica thank you! I'm afraid most engineers would shudder at my methods.
    HilaryI do hope you're right! And thank you too for the kind words. It's not finished yet, so more later on the chest :)

  6. Summer came to a crashing end in Seattle, too, Val, and I also turned on my heat yesterday for the first time since about May. But I will get a respite from our winter in Jan: I've got a (one-way) ticket to South Africa! I'll probably be there for about a month. First time back since 2001 and I can't wait.

    1. Ah Laura, now I'm jealous! How I would love to be going to South Africa in January. I was there for 10 days in June this year and would have loved to stay longer. Maybe I can try for a longer spell next year too. Lovely to see you here!

    2. Just awe-inspiring to see your skills. Truly wonderful work.

    3. Thank you, Christina. You've made my day :)

  7. At least you have had all this sunshine! I am appreciating a bit of nice weather in England after a lot of greyness recently.

  8. Isn't it lovely now, Jenny? About time wasn't it? By the way, I love your post about Bradford!

  9. Yes, we are in Autumn here too but having the fire, good books & tea means its not so bad at all. You are very clever making a new chest - I wouldn't know where to start!
    Look forward to seeing it painted & complete. x

  10. Yay! More building of boaty stuff! Nice to see you at it again! Oh and btw, that recipe for the nutbread you wanted is on me blog (yes, this is me enticing you to read my latest post, shameless, I know ;-))

  11. It's pretty chilly here too and we're not surrounded by water. You are clever with all that woodwork. I'd have banged my thumb, drawn blood and slung it all overboard!

  12. You've had a great time this summer Val,all those places you visited what a lucky woman you are. I can only imagine how cold it must be on the water but it must be cosy wrapped up and reading a book too. What lovely surroundings you live in.


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