Saturday, February 15, 2014

Two days to the big day

This last week I've been doing a count down on my author page on Facebook. Every day, I've posted a photo of our harbour to show potential readers something of the setting for my book, Harbour Ways, which will be released this coming Tuesday.

Quite apart from the excitement and jitters I'm feeling about releasing another 'baby' into the world, I've really enjoyed the exercise of looking back through my photos and finding new and interesting images of the harbour. It's been lovely to come across photos I'd forgotten I had of this wonderful place. My collection begins in 2003 when Koos first had a digital camera. He started off with one bought at the Aldi, but soon moved on to a lovely Nikon. In those days 5mp's was considered a lot. I had a little Kodak, and I'm still surprised at how clear the images are. I've needed to brighten some of them up a bit - modern software can do wonders for old pictures - but the basics have all been there.

It's been quite a trip down memory lane on a visual front too, so I've been enjoying myself finding and posting these old photos.

I've included old photos in the book as well although I've apologised in my disclaimer for the quality. I had no thought of writing a book when I first took them and didn't really bother too much about quality then. Most of the images in Harbour Ways were taken before I had a digital camera, so they are black and white scans of photos I've dug out of a drawer to give a rough idea of what the Vereeniging was like in the early days. It really is amazing how it eventually evolved now I look at it.

Anyhow, in case you haven't seen the Facebook photos (wonderfully supplemented by Christina James's own pictures of the Oude Haven), here are the ones I've put on Facebook this week.

The Vereeniging leaving the harbour for its first trip out
with me as skipper,  31 May 2004

A customary view in the Oude Haven. The weekly wash gets hung
out to dry

Koos and I in my 'spuddle' boat towing a mast into the
neighbouring harbour for my daughter

The view from the slipway of 'helling' as we usually call it

Another image of the Vereeniging leaving the harbour

A lovely view of the Oude Haven from its northern end

By the time I write this blog again, the launch will be over and I'll be looking forward to writing the next book, so before I forget, Harbour Ways will be available on Kindle and this week (I'll post links in my sidebar here), and then as soon as the global distribution kicks in, it will be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Book Depository, and all the other online stores. I'm hoping to get a few copies into the bookshops here too, and maybe one day I'll get over to the UK to visit a few of my lovely blog, Twitter and FB friends there as well. Further would also be lovely, but being realistic, less likely. You never know, though…Australia and Canada are big on my wish list!

Have a good Sunday everyone, and for those in the UK who are struggling with floods and storms, I am with you in spirit. Somerset and Dorset were my home counties once too.


  1. Hi Val, your old photos are so interesting, and exceptionally good quality. I hope the book launch went wonderfully well, and I am now going to try to find you on Facebook!

  2. Thank you, Patricia. The launch is actually on Tuesday, but I have been getting ready for it mentally all week :-) My FB page for writing is here:

    I have another page too, but I rarely put things about my writing there and I'm not so busy on FB except for promoting writing - other people's as well as my own :)

  3. Hi Val!

    So excited for you! Another baby into the world! I can't wait to read it.

    The photos are awesome. I was just thinking yesterday about the thousands of photos I've not categorised. Such a time-consuming process, isn't it? But such fun.

    I'm not sure if we follow each other on fb. I couldn't find a fb button here on your sight and there's too many Val Poore's to know which one is you when I go into fb (or did I type Poole?) I'm just sorry I've been missing all the fun. However, it's so hot here I haven't been fb-ing much.

    Good luck!


  4. Thanks so much Denise! This one's an indie publication, so it'll be on Kindle and as a paperback first. Later, it'll be a paperback on all the big online stores, but it has to be approved for those first.

  5. PS, the link to my FB page is in the second comment from the top :-) I'll look for you too! Enjoy your heat!!

  6. Val - It's Monday now and I am wanted to wish you every good luck for your big day. Enjoy the experience, I hope you have got some Champers on ice. Can't wait to read the book. Lots of Love Fran xxx

  7. Have just ordered my copy from Lulu, am so excited, that's going to be my Saturday taken up! xxx

  8. Awww Fran, thank you!! I so hope you enjoy it! I've been nervous about this because it's a sequel and you never know how readers will respond after having read WW. I've tried to keep the style consistent, but of course I've written other books in between, so it might not be the same. Keeping fingers crossed!

  9. The link works perfectly. I just bought Harbour Ways for Kindle. I'm looking forward to it.

    I wish the very best on "launch day" and hope you book cake is triple layer chocolate with mint ice cream! You earned it!

    Best of luck. Best wishes. Congrats.

  10. Thank you, Jack! I really hope you enjoy it! Always nerve wracking for the writer, but then I expect you know that :-)

  11. Hi Val .. good luck now as the launch progresses further - I hope you've had a happy time. Another baby into the world - sounds good!

    The photos look fine .. but can quite understand your branch out into photography ..

    It's great you're writing about your canally travels .. I shall enjoy reading them in due course ..

    If you get over here .. we'll definitely meet up .. cheers Hilary

  12. and maybe the USA.
    The launch is very exciting Val.
    Thank you for sharing the photos. What fun to go through the log of photos. I imagine there may be hundreds, thousands maybe. A writer writes, always. xo


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