Monday, July 15, 2013

It's out, It's live, It's ready to meet the world!

I feel as if I've just given birth. In a way, I have, not to a child but to something that takes even longer to  conceive and coax into life: a book.

Yes, it's finally out: How to Breed Sheep, Geese and English Eccentrics is now available as a paperback on, as an e-book also through, and as a Kindle e-book.

It's been a long time in the making, but now I can say it's there. What's done is done; if I've missed anything in the editing, well I've missed it - too bad; all permissions, ISBN's etc have been checked. If I've done something wrong somewhere, I will deal with it.

I am now faced with the part I like least - the marketing! I am not very good at this stuff. I used to work in marketing and communications and it's fine doing it for someone else, but for myself, it really doesn't come easily. Still, if I'm going to reach my dream of sailing off into a French sunset, I will just have to knuckle down and do it. So taking a deep breath, here it begins.

The links to my precious new pristine book are below. May I also humbly offer you, my wonderful blog friends, an e-version or pdf if you would agree to review it for me? I read an article by the Creative (Joanna) Penn and she suggested that self-publishers can and should make such an offer, so if you are willing to do this, would you email me or send me a direct message on Twitter, and I will send you either the e-pub version or pdf file. My email is rivergirlsbooks at gmail dot com.

So there it is..the first pleas done, and now for the links:

For the paperback, click here
For the e-pub version (suited to almost all readers except Kindle, I believe), click here
For the Kindle version on, click here
For the Kindle version on, click here

I will be putting up links in the sidebar and also arranging distribution for the paperback to all the major online stores and potentially to bookshops too, so it should be available through most means within a short space of time, but for now, this is a good start!

I shall leave you with a photo my daughter took yesterday when we had a lovely boat trip round our harbours in my little rowing boat with its electric motor. It kept trying to fall off though, Hence my strange position. It looks as I'm punting, doesn't it? Anyway, it was the most gorgeous day, and a lovely spell of relaxation before this, for me, big and nerve-wracking event. Thank you all for your support so far!

And if you're interested in dipping into any of my books, why not have a look at my author page on 


  1. Val, congratulations! It looks like you had a beautiful day on the water. Even if the motor threatened to fall off, still beats rowing, eh?

    I wish you all the best for your new book. I'm intrigued how you chose your publisher. Have you been happy with the Lulu experience?


  2. Congratulations on the birth of your new book, I really hope it sells lots and lots of copies for you. I am off to Lulu now to buy my copy xxxx

  3. Denise, thank you! It was a gorgeous day indeed. I've used Lulu for a long time for all sorts of things including calendars and photo books. I'm used to them although they have irritated me at times by changing things that work well to something that doesn't work so well. Even so, their system is clear and easy and the distribution options are inexpensive, so overall Lulu and I have become good friends :-)

    Fran, bless you, you are wonderful in your support. Thank you so very much! xx

    Grace, thank you, my friend xx

  4. Great news Val! Best wishes to you and your "baby"!
    Hans and Ingela

  5. Oh joy - it's here!!!! Congratulations. I'm with you in the hating-marketing corner, Val, but this is a Huge Achievement. Enjoy your day - you've earned it.

  6. Congratulations Vally, this is a huge achievement indeed. I loved proofrading the book, and I am certainly going to read the final version- which would make it my third time :-) Let me know when you hear from Penelope Keith!
    Enjoy your fame and glory, they are well-earned! xx

  7. Congratulations Val, great book, as are your others.

  8. book....many many congratulations. Publicity: okies, I'm on it, lovely Val!!!

  9. Hans and Ingela, thank you! Hans, your interest has kept me going when I was deep in doubt, so I have much to thank you for!

    Jo, bless you for the dancing and cake! I've joined in with you this end now. It feels like one long dance from Bombs and Butterflies to Almost Love, Christina's book, and now mine. Who's for a knees up?

    Suzanne, you've been a star as well. Thank you so much for the proof reading and support!

    String, thanks to you to, my friend. You have also been a staunch reader even when there have been months between new chapters.

    Carol, you're a marvel. Thanks a million for all the tweets, re-posts, RT's and ongoing support. I hope I can do the same for you soon!

  10. Many congratulations Val!

    I will make an application for our local public library to get a copy.

  11. Many congratulations, Val. My Kindle is in tatters at the moment (half the screen is blank) but I will download myself a Kindle copy for my iPad and will naturally post a review under all the rooftops once I'm done. I've also sent you an email about your book, so when you've got a second to breathe, check it out.


  12. Thank you, Mel! That would be lovely. I'd be honoured to find my book in an Irish county library.

    Anne Marie, thank you as always. You you've been my most constant support for more than six years now. In fact you were the first and I think back to those early blog days with much pleasure.

  13. Well done val , so many people have said they would like to write a book, your very special as you are one of the few who have actually gone ahead and done it ,and not just one !!
    I so wish you so much luck with your latest baby ,it looks like a fun read.
    Best wishes fie

  14. Hi Val .. that's excellent news and I'll have to check out the Kindle version ..

    Wonderful picture of your rowing trip .. looks so peaceful on the water ..

    Cheers Hilary

  15. Well done! I clicked on the Amazon link but it went to the US site. I can't buy off that. I'll see if it is on the English one. You must be feeling delighted, Val. It's such an achievement.

  16. Thank you, Fie. Lovely to see you here!

    Hilary, that's really kind, thank you! The boat trip was lovely, but we were lucky that we had a 'helper'. That funny thing I'm holding is an electric outboard motor! It's amazing. It's as quiet as sailing and rowing, but not half as hard :-)

    Jenny, bless you too. Thanks for the tip there. I've add the link to the dot site. I cannot buy Kindle books through the UK site myself, so I tend to forget it.

    By the way, big sigh, I've already noticed a place on the first page where I should have used a small letter and not a capital, and I've missed a comma. Punctuation drives me mad and yet I'm so fussy it about it in my students' writing. It's so difficult to get it perfect with dialogue. Apologies. I will change it this as soon as possible.

  17. Congratulations Val and I hope it does well for you.

  18. Congrats on your achievement, it's a wonderful feeling isn't it.
    I am deeply envious of your way of life, all that water...
    I was fascinated by your mention of Lulu, I've not heard of this before. Just how much would you recommend it?

  19. Thank you, Anita! is one of the first print-on-demand self publishing companies. I have used them for years. For text, they are very good. For photo books, less so, but I am happy with what they do.


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