Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coming shortly!

Things are going well with the book, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you the cover and blurb. Self promotion is always difficult, but I am so thrilled with the cover at least that it doesn't feel so bad this time.  Now I've got the ISBN number and the blurb on it, its feeling even more exciting. In case it's too hard to read, here is what it says on the back.

"When Maisie Peterson leaves university without a job to go to, she decides to help her mother save her large and impractical country property in the wilds of rural Dorset by trying her hand at self-sufficiency. Ma is just a tad eccentric, though, and Maisie has no clue about farming. Her efforts are thwarted at quite a few turns by a flock of willful sheep, a dotty aunt, a charming but ineffective boyfriend and a swarthy, but highly desirably agricultural auctioneer. Emily, the ewe, runs rings round her while Ma drifts in and out of the scene in an ancient wedding dress, causing havoc in Maisie's attempts to sort out her personal as well as her agricultural problems."

The only hurdle left is to get it onto Kindle. I've formatted it now for e-books and will try and upload it to Kindle this weekend. Lulu's e-pub will let me know if it's acceptable and then it will be on iBooks. That aside, as long as my friends at WWOOF are happy, I'm ready for release on Monday the 15th.

And I have to say it again…I just love this cover! Thanks again to Stuart Billinghurst!

And if you're interested in dipping into any of my books, why not have a look at my author page on 


  1. Ooh! Exciting! Looking forward to having a read,

  2. Thank you, dear Anne! If you feel you'd like to review it for me, I can send you a pdf of it. I'm not sure if that works on a Kindle, but if it does, let me know?

  3. Good luck Val, I can't wait to read it. As much as Kindle books have a place in my life, special books have to be in hard copy for me, you can beat turning a proper page! Xxx

  4. Well done! I can't imagine who WWOOF might be, but I do really like the cover, especially the face on that goose... So congratulations to both you and Stuart Billinghurst. :)

  5. Christina, this is WWOOF UK's Facebook page They are a great organisation and I wanted their approval because I have a Wwoofer in my book who is a bit useless and I didn't want them to be upset. They have been very kind and there are no objections.

    Fran, I so agree! I have Kindle on my Mac and also the adobe version, but I only use them for work and very short books. I love the feel, smell and sight of a real book. Even as a child, I loved holding new books and was always excited to receive new paperbacks as birthday or Christmas presents. The book will be available on Monday :-)

  6. Oh joy - it's nearly here! So, Monday's the day for jigging in the kitchen to celebrate - am polishing my dancing shoes already!

  7. Awww, thank you Jo! I am pretty tired now, but I hope it'll be worth it. Bless you!

  8. Val, how exciting for you! Thank you so much for inviting me onto your back cover. Quite the honour. When you catch your breath and have a moment, please consider adding yourself to our backstory page on my BBE website. I can send you the link when you're ready, and we can put you there and give you a bit more publicity. So proud of you!


  9. Thank you, Anne-Marie! I'll do that!

  10. Val, lovely to meet you. Your life sounds wonderful. Your life sounds a little like mine. I teach English but I live on land, lol!

    I've joined your site and will follow your posts from now on.


  11. Sounds like a fun read, and the cover is really eye catching.


  12. Hi Denise, how lovely to 'meet' you! I'll look forward to catching up with you too.

    Thank you, Julie. I love the cover too, so I hope the innards do it justice :-)

  13. Well done Val - that's great ..and now I see you've done the rest ..

    the cover is fun .. good choice .. cheers Hilary


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