Friday, July 26, 2013


I'm following Michelle Heatley's fifteen day blog bonanza. I'm cheating really as I'm just hanging on to her blogtails and not doing what the challenge says, but I am enjoying reading it every day and writing as many posts as I can to see if I can do it too - unofficially, so to speak.

Today, she wrote a list of her BFF's. I didn't know what this meant (I'm so not up to speed with social media terms - it took me months to know what an RT was, and I still don't understand hashtags, ff's or all the stuff you can do with FB). Now I understand BFF means your Blog Favourite Friends, so I was more than a bit honoured to find myself listed there.

Then I started thinking about who I'd put on such a list and got onto the idea of Boatblog FF's. I follow a number of boaty blogs, mostly narrowboat blogs, that probably most of my commenters here don't know about. Boaty bloggers (apart from my friend, Fran) often don't comment on other blogs as they are into - well- boats. That being the case, I will introduce you to my BFF's, boat style, so here they are in no particular order:

Bonnie of Clyde - written by Fran, a special friend now. She and her husband live on a sailing boat while they convert an old barge.

Herbie  - written (by Neil) with humour and a fund of knowledge about almost anything you care to mention.

Halfie - written (by Halfie!) with insight into things historical along the canals, and very interesting it is too.

Luxe Motor Anthonetta - written (By Carla) in Dutch, I'm afraid, but with complete stories in photos about their life as barge dwellers and cruisers.

Klipperaak Rust Roest - also in Dutch (written by Margriet). This is the blog that makes me really jealous as they cruise in the south of France most of the year.

Narrowboat Futurest - written (by Salty Dog) which is quite a new one for me, but I really enjoy it.

There are many others but these are the ones I read regularly and have in my blog list.

And as usual, to finish, here is a photo. This is of my daughter and me doing boaty stuff. I'd rather be doing this than almost anything except cruising.

Finally, of course, if you are interested in dipping into my books about life on the water not to mention life on a smallholding in rural England, you can visit my author pages on or and read some extracts they have made available.

You can also reach the individual books through my sidebar here.


  1. Wow, I am just catching up on my week's blog reading and I find this! Thank you so much and I too consider you a special friend that I can connect with and enjoy. Off now to read your last couple of posts and now look in on your other friends xxx

  2. I didn't realize that BFF also stood for Blog Favorite Friends. It looks like you've put a great list together!


  3. Quite honestly I found FB too be rather pithy, inconsequential and childish. Which is why I gave up on it and Google+ is following a similar pattern.
    Where on earth has maturity gone ?

  4. Fran, thank you for this and your other comments, dear. I hope your mooring problems are sorted out soon xx

    Julie, does it have another meaning too? ou see how ignorant I am!

    Mel, I know. I have to do Facebook and Twitter for my writing, but I wouldn't bother otherwise.

  5. Well done you, joining in with the 15-blog thingy. But I'm glad to see you are breaking the rules from the word go!

  6. I wouldn't have guessed there were so many about boats and canals - that's the great thing about blogs, a source of opinion and info on practically everything!


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