Monday, July 01, 2013

And some random shots from my phone just because...

"What are you doing there? Got any snacks?"

He looks like a revolutionary, but in fact he's just a phtographer
THE Koos

This one is for Christina. Potted Geraniums, lavender and foxgloves
as well as lots of ivy. These do well in my garden


  1. Don't let him hear you saying he's "just" a photographer! Lovely photos.

  2. Val,just read your comment about kindle.I have the first kindle that came out (cheapest) It doesn't have a backlight so you couldn't read it in bed without a light on but it is completely non glare much better to read than ipad or computer.Maybe see if someone has one and try it. I love real book too and still buy them but kindle is great for travelling and you can download a book without wifi,it has whispernet which is free.

  3. Anne, thank you so much for that information! That sounds perfect for me! What is your Kindle called? Maybe I can find a second hand one?

  4. I thought that every photographer was a revolutionary of some kind Val ???

    Ivy grows too well in my garden!

  5. Hmmm, I think this one would think of himself as an anarchist more than a revolutionary, Mel :-)

    And yes, Ivy grows itself very well doesn't it? I spend more time cutting it back than worrying about whether it will grow, It's about the only thing that is truly happy in my garden. That and the foxgloves! Thanks for the visit :)


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