Tuesday, May 07, 2013

For Ros - The water I see from my patio

In the comments to my last post, Ros mentioned that she expected me to be able to see water from my garden. Ros, I can see water, but not from where I was sitting in my chair. I was a bit too low. However, from the patio at the back of the little house, this is what I see. The photo above and below were taken last weekend on a beautiful evening.

Sunset from my patio zoomed right out

The photo below this is from just a little higher still as it was taken from the kitchen window! The higher I go, the more water I can see. This was a bit of a grey day, but still a lovely outlook. We call this the Molenkreek, and it used to be a natural watercourse in the times before the land here was drained and the big sea dykes were put up. This whole area used to be semi flooded at high tide, but at low tide, it left these creeks and water courses. Our Molenkreek is therefore a natural stretch of water about one and half kilometres long in total.

View from kitchen

Here is a crop of the map so you can see it. The blue strip at the edge is the big sea canal from Ghent to Terneuzen, and I can see the ships and barges going past from my bedroom window.

Map of Molenkreek. Ghent-Terneuzen sea canal on the left

A zoomed in image of what I see from the bedroom
As you can see, the canal is higher than the surrounding land, making these ships look very surreal as they float across the landscape.


  1. I know these are for Ros, but I've gatecrashed. These are lovely - what a lovely escape-place.

  2. Jo, you of all gatecrashers are always welcome! And you're right, it is a lovely escape place. I don't know what I'd do without it.

  3. Such a beautiful view, but that ship looks like its floating through a field! Xxx

  4. Another gatecrasher! What gorgeous views Val.The one that says view from paio of sunset is just crying out to be framed and hung on your wall it's lovely.I'm convinced that having views like those must make you a happier person,my view is of another house.

  5. Hi Val .. not a gatecrasher, but always happy to join the party!

    Love the views - and boy is it low .. I've never been to Holland one day ..

    I guess Molenkreek ... means windmill inlet or similar ..?!

    The canal nearby is extraordinary isn't it .. love the photos .. cheers Hilary

  6. I don't mind you all gate crashing on this post. Those photos are fascinating. You see, I KNEW there'd be water somewhere near. It sounds very much like our favourite part of Norfolk where the salt marshes form rivers at low tide and flood at high tide except your area is managed.

  7. Ros, as this post was mainly prompted by you, I just want to say you are so right! I think it's very like Norfolk and the fens as well. The area is managed very carefully and I often think that we are 'safer' here in NL, even though where I live in both Rotterdam and Zeeuws Vlaanderen are below sea level, than in many parts of the UK and Europe. The Dutch are amazing at water management.

    Anne, thank you. I just love my view and it truly is the reason I bought my little house. I saw what it looked out on and knew I had to buy it. Luckily, it's in a part of the country that isn't popular with the Dutch or the Belgians, so property is not expensive there and we have both space and peace! Ideal for a misanthropist like me :-) It makes me very happy to be there.

    Hilary, you must come and visit one day! You are right about Molenkreek. It means the Mill creek. The mill has gone as has the real inlet, but the water remains. The canal is just wonderful. I love walking along it and watching the huge ships going past. Some of them are like floating castles. Just amazing. I am always very happy there.

  8. Oops, Fran, I missed your comment! Yes, the ships really do look as if they are floating through the fields. It's really surreal xx

  9. The last pic, Val! The one with the boat barging through the tall grass ... I love it!
    Myself, I feel adrift when I am not able to see the mountains.
    The serene views from your home are lovely!
    These scenes make me homesick for the Netherlands ... ;)

  10. Thank you Dale. That is a lovely thing to say about our flat lands. They have a kind of mystery to them that I love.


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