Friday, April 12, 2013

The beast that bears the beauty

Aren't these just beautiful? I think they are too lovely and I would give a lot to have a collection of this charming British canal art on my barge. Unfortunately, it wouldn't really go - my barge being Dutch and authentic (meaning, according to our harbour authorities, no infiltration of narrowboat features, thank you very much!) - added to which, it would probably all fall off given that I have no neat side rails to hold stuff in place on our somewhat choppier waters. I can just imagine launching myself after a set of painted teapots as they lurch overboard into the drink...canal performing art...

Nevertheless, I feel the need to say something about them here as these works of canal art are produced and sold by a very good friend of mine, Jan Nichols. She and her husband have a narrowboat and cruise continuously on the English waterways. It's a pity I can't give you a location as they'd be there today and yes..well.. gone tomorrow.

Still, Jan is beginning to get known on the circuit, so if you're doing a cruise or a walk along the canals one of these days and you see the Beast Carrying sign out, knock on the window and ask to see some of Jan's lovely wares.

Oh and yes, don't forget! Most importantly...give her a big hug from me and tell her I miss her.


  1. We've been invited to spend a few days with friends on their canal this summer. It's been a long time since I slept in a canal boat. Hope they're more comfortable now.

  2. What better reason do I need to meander along the Kennet and Avon canal ...

  3. Ros, all the ones I've seen look lovely inside, but then I've only been in a few.

    Jo, I would love to hear that you'd seen them. That would be so nice!

  4. "I can just imagine launching myself after a set of painted teapots as they lurch overboard into the drink". Hahaha, I can just imagine the dramatic scene :)

    I do hope your friend has a successful business selling these beautiful items.

  5. Thanks, Maria! Lovely to see you here again. I'm glad you like the image :-) I also hope Jan does well. She deserves to.

  6. The crockery is lovely. I've always wanted to go on a narrowboat cruise and stop off a little pubs and places to eat and maybe one day I'll do it. Although the weather here puts me off it a bit.

  7. This just reminds me of how much I miss you and Koos. How I wish we could spend time in Europe every year. xx

  8. They are lovely. Do you know if she sells them online eg ebay? I would love to own some of this art xxx

  9. Anne, I've heard it's just wonderful, although quite busy on the waterways these days.

    Anne Marie, we'll get over there one of these days. t's time we reciprocated :-)

    Fran, I don't think she does because they are always on the move, and she would need to invest in good packaging which would make it expensive.

  10. I am fascinated by canals and the canal people of today, who emulate in a modern style the arts and crafts of those who were once known as The Water Gypsies.

  11. Thank you, Mel. I seem to remember your reminiscences about canals were what first drew me to your blog!

  12. the wares are beautiful.
    Hi Val!|
    You know what's odd, is that I am not getting any updates of your blog on my "blog update dashboard". So I apologize for my absence. I shall not trust the blogger thing, and visit on my own then.
    You r so very sweet and thank you for checking in with us. x

  13. Hi Val!
    Nice stuff you show here!
    You know what, the other day Ingela said that she would like to hire a narrowboat and cruise the English waterways for a week! Then we of course need a trained skipper and you and Koos came to my mind :)
    Salary will be moderate to good...


  14. Wow I love those, I hope I run into her someday!


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