Saturday, March 09, 2013

Get the violins out

Owing to one thing and another, I have not had much in the way of me time of late. As I've mentioned earlier, this is a busy time of year anyway, so it's normal. But, the thing is, and it's become quite a thing for me, it has interrupted something that I have grown to love doing (although everyone else around me is probably much relieved): my violin practice.

Up until the last couple of weeks, I was managing. I could practise three of four times at the weekends and once or twice during the week, but now I haven't touched it for fourteen whole days and I've really missed it. So to console myself, I have  started planning how to upgrade my little student violin. I've been looking at new strings especially for fiddle playing, and I've also been lusting over carbon bows. Can you imagine the excitement? You think I'm joking, don't you...

Maybe I'll give myself a treat and order them. It will give me the push I need to get back into it again now the period of hectic activity is drawing to a close. Not to mention the fact that with the cost of the bow alone, I'd better make sure I make use of it.

I wonder what the neighbours will think about the resumption of the cat's chorus. They'll probably take to turning up their TV's again. It's either that or they'll be wondering whose animal is in season!

Are any of you trying to learn an instrument, or do you remember the feeling of worrying about what the neighbours might think of your early efforts to become your own Yehudi Menuhin?

And for my next post, I hope I'll have some good news about my new (getting old now)'s about time I finished it (two years down the line), so the fact that it's nearing the end is quite a triumph in itself. Another reason to treat myself...


  1. I would like a bit of a video of your violin playing. Could that happen Val?

  2. I used to play the clarinet when I was younger and I have always said that when I retire I would take it back up. What sort of music do you play? Can't wait to read the new book! Take care x

  3. I play a piano, though so infrequently that I can only play a few well-practised pieces. Instead I sing - which also sends the neighbours to the volume control on their TVs.

  4. Grace, I'll have to get a bit better first :-) But maybe I can do that sometime if you're sure you want to hear it xx

    Fran, my playing isn't very advanced yet, but I like playing folk music, so my two or three main pieces are the Skyboat Song, Greensleeves and Scarborough Fair at the moment.

    Jo, I am sure your neighbours enjoy your singing. I would! It's lovely to hear people singing with pleasure - a truly uplifting and happy sound.

  5. Hey Val I can hardly wait for you to have tea with me and be entertained to your fiddling :)

  6. It's lovely to be able to play an instrument. The only thing Ive ever played is the recorder at school.I'd love to play the piano but lessons have always been so expensive and there's always been something else to do plus no room for one. I can't sing a note but I love to sing when on my own. Keep on playing Val.

  7. Grace, I'll see what I can do xx

    Mel, it's already developing into more than just an idea!

    Anne, I will, now I just need the time to play it!

  8. I play the guitar and piano but not well enough for anyone else to hear. I went through a phase of practising both every evening (as you say, poor neighbours!) but have lapsed lately. Maybe I'll start again... tomorrow.

  9. Treated me to a carbon bow last year and really like using it. Very different, more positive feel to a wooden bow. Treat yourself and enjoy! xx

  10. I used to play the flute at secondary school - achieved the dubious honour of faiing my Grade 8 by one mark!!. I still have the flute - needs replating and repadding now. I do try and play it every now and then. And fall over. Hahaha. No breath control

  11. Rosalind, tomorrow is now today. Have you started yet?

    Anne, I'm going to do just that. I feel I need a treat right now too!

    Carol, try again!! We could start a, Ros, Jo and me...just imagine! People would pay us not play although thye might pay to hear Jo sing and we could be her backing group :-)


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