Saturday, January 05, 2013

What a soggy day!

That's going to be my new standard greeting! Long gone are the memories of sunny mornings when I could bounce cheerfully down the road and enthuse about the beauty of the sun, flowers, light, snow, or whatever. Since I can now barely remember when I last saw said bright orb peeking through the severe blanket of grey that seems to be not only condition normal, but condition permanent now, I have had to think of a new attitude to life and with it, new things to say to my neighbours. Let the word fit the act, and so on. I say I have to because if I don't, I will be forced to....erm....emigrate?

Haha, you weren't expecting that were you?

Well, let's be honest here. Maybe it's not that bad, but for the last week at least,  I have woken to damp mist and gloom. I have even heard it rather than seen it. The sound of cars on the wet cobbles outside tells me in advance that nothing has changed as they splash through the puddles. I have taken my Sin (dog, not deed) for walks, but not to our usual haunts. I now actively look for paved paths instead of forest tracks. The latter are so knee deep in mud and craters full of water that only my Sin (dog, not deed) can appreciate them. Which she does. With great abandonment and pleasure.

Sin, as many of you know is old, arthritic and given to saying 'S'not fair' at very frequent intervals. Such is her attitude to the world. But given the sight of a good bog (real, not lavatorial), with acres of mud and strategically placed puddles, she remembers what it is to enjoy life. Hope springs eternal in my doggy's breast and when rewarded, she becomes a puppy once more.  Not only is her greatest joy to dash through the puddles at high speed kicking up fountains of mud that spray anyone unwary enough to be within several metres distance, but she also likes to wallow in the stuff. Since she is mostly black anyway, it is not a good sign when even the small tan coloured areas on her nose, chest and bum are black as well. Not good at all. Not good for my car, for my furniture or for my temper. I feel a real heel denying her of one of the few pleasures she has left in life (apart from lounging on my bed, lounging on my sofa, being fed biscuits whenever tea is made, being taken everywhere I go...). However, there are limits to my supply of doggy shampoo, doggy towels, clean throws for the sofa, and to my good nature. So proper tarred footpaths it has to be. Until the sun comes back, that is.

Memories of one bright(er) day last weekend
For now, though, as I said when I began this ramble, I need to change my own attitude to this situation, weather...sorry, whether I like it or not. I shall therefore wish everyone a wonderfully wet and soggy weekend! Enjoy the rain, and admire that lovely grey sky! After all, it might not last, so make the most of it! (See, I can do it. I can, I can, I can!)


  1. Hi Val! Despide my retirement recently I've not had much time (nor inspiration...) to read and write blogs.
    It seems that we have had the same kind of weather recently, we had crisp and cold weather all through December and got some 40 cm of snow but around New Years Eve we got rain and sleet and today is the the first day in nearly a week that the sun is shining from a rather clear sky. The temperature plunged down to - 9 C overnight.
    I wish you both A Happy New Year!

  2. Aarggh! It seems that Ingela is logged on to this IPad, It is in fact Hans who is writing :)

  3. Well, you do like water!

  4. My best friend dog sat over Xmas, so I got to walk Breesha, a cocker spaniel, while she walked Pip, her British bulldog. Amazed at how much enjoyment dogs get out of life, puddle, horse poo etc. I'm not a dog person, having 2 cats, but it was fun.

  5. Given that Sin is a dog, I'm sure she trusts in her mom's wisdom in being denied the joy of the puddles :) I don't blame you in the least for not being able to share Sin's joy of the sogginess. The sun today, the first in months, felt like a miracle. Well there was one sunny day in December but it was also minus 15 celsius so I'm not counting that.

  6. Dogs and water; dogs and mud; dogs and cow sh 1 t. Love them in spite of it all. Get my husband to deal with the third. But yes... hang in there. The sun will come out and it 'won't always be dark at seven!'

  7. Oh heck, I don't suppose you want to know how hot is it in Thailand ...

  8. Hans, thank you, and yes, I realised it was you. I don't think Ingela has retired recently, has she :-) I'm glad to hear we aren't the only ones!

    John? Yes, I know, but I like it beneath me, not coming from above. I'm funny like that...
    thanks for dropping in anyway :-)

    Carol, at this time of year, I suddenly become a cat person them both, but cats on barges don't go. Or should I rather say, cats and water don't go. Lost one that way :-(

    Maria, give me cold and sunny over mild and soggy any day, although I might draw the line at, shall we say,

    Christina, thank you, I need some cheer now! Today has been just totally miserable. Not only soggy, drizzly and grey but hanging mist as well....sun, sun (arms stretched to the skies, pleading) you're up there somewhere, I know it!

    Aha, Jo, so that's where it is. Come on tell me! I'm a masochist. I can take it.... How hot is it?
    But then I suppose I could look it up, couldn't I? ......
    Right, according to my weather guru, it's 34 degrees in Bangkok. Right, right, right...I can still take I can't. I'm officially upset now. Off to check Ryan Air's cheap flights to the sun!

  9. That post made me laugh. It's been mixed here, bit of sun, bit of dull, but at least that relentless rain has eased. Oh yes, and I think you're being extremely mean to Sin. A bit of mud on your bed cover won't hurt and he would love it soooo much!!

  10. I read your post out to Alfie (he couldn't find his glasses!) and he has asked that you pass on his sympathy to Sin. He says that his mum and dad would probably be the same if there wasn't mud all around from the moment he steps off the boat. He also said that he had to take a swim today to get rid of the mud, it was a bit cold but once he'd got back on the yacht, had a good shake and settled down on dad's bunk it was fine!!!! Xxx

  11. The little engine that could ...
    Remember, you can see clouds from both sides, and the top side is always lined with silver, however tarnished the bottom.
    With your flexible imagination, you can, you can!
    Hugs and wishes for feathers and dust underfoot! xx

  12. "Mud, mud glorious mud there's nothing quite like it for cooling the blood"
    A favourite song sung by Flanders and Swan e'hem I just love mud, Mrs H has gotten used to it and our dog Toby takes no notice of it all. You see it is that sticky substance that sets apart townies from us country bumpkins :)

  13. Ros, I am mean, aren't I? But it's the quantity I'm quibbling about, not the fact of it. I am quite used to having mud tramped over my floorboards, and on my sofa, and yes, even on the bed, but when Sindy has really been wallowing, then I draw a very firm the bedroom door!

    Fran, tell Alfie Sin sympathises with him. By the way, she's complaining from the comfort of my bed now too!xx

    Dale, it took me a moment...the little engine :-) Funny, I was playing Both Sides Now from the Clouds album today! And yes, you're right about the silver linings, I just wish I could see them! It's just one big grey and gloomy blanket at the moment.xx

    Mel, I'm not a Townie, I'm really not. I've lived far longer in rural places than ever in the city, but as I said to Ros, there are degrees of muddiness, and in my case, there are limits to what I can deal with. I'm sure Mrs H would agree with me there too. After all, if you're the one that has to clean up the residue.... :-) I happen to be a bit lazy and I don't like the extra work! By the way, I know that song too! I remember hearing it on the radio when I was a child!

  14. Ah like you, I have taken to NOT walking through back garden is mush and I need wellies just to go to the compost mountain. Thank god we have a cat as it would be impossible to deal with a dog right now. I suspect we will not have a hose pipe ban for years now...

  15. It's the same here with rain and mud.I have a long hair German Shepherd so you can imagine how bad it is. I feel bad when I'm grumpy at him for his muddy paws.He has poor nail which split from time to time and being in the mud really doesn't help lets hope it dries up soon.

  16. String, I remember Dorset squelch well. A bit like Dutch squelch :-)

    Anne, your poor pooch. I'm sure that split nail can't be comfortable for him. And with all that long hair! Oh dear! My daughter has a gorgeous Cocker spaniel that's also a liability in this muddy weather. He loves to wallow too!

  17. I so feel with you. My friends can't bear hearing talk about the dull and dark.Isn't it time we got a few days sunshine?

  18. That was the main thing my dad was commenting on all the time during their visit. "It's so rainy and gloomy."

  19. It's tough when it's gloomy and rainy day after day.
    What a beautiful paragraph about Sin running happily in the mud.

  20. Thank you Angelikas! I appreciate the sympathy!

    Stu, your Dad is right although I suspect it was no different in London.

    Grace, I'm glad you could 'see' Sin running through the mud like a photo!


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